Another Goddess walked into our magical tea space.We cherish her. She came to nurture our lovely women. Each one.She came to love You. Just like we do.🖤But she can access the places within you that we can not. Lady’s Mantle.The main herb of this blend. It’s commonly used to treat skin conditions (such as redness,Continue reading “SPIKE THE FEMME”



Have you ever thought about where are you going?Have you ever thought about when will you get there?Or How…? Yes, you probably did. And that How part usually kills us the most. It feels like slamming your head against the wall. It feels like your brain cells are going to explode. It feels like youContinue reading “FIRE_WORKS”

reBorn into the HELLYEAH!

3 years of walking through the most magical fire under my feet… together, Black Rabbit Tea & the people who come our way. 3 years of radical change within myself.Facing fears.Facing transformations.Facing a brand new Joy. 3 years of revealing things that were hidden behind the scenes… The most magical part is the moment whenContinue reading “reBorn into the HELLYEAH!”


I don’t believe in miracles.I believe in CREATION. Yesterday a friend said to me:’You’re so lucky! Look how you always draw amazing people to work with.’ Yes. And thank you. But there’s nothing special about me.Not any more than there is about you.We draw in what we put out there. That’s all that is. WhenContinue reading “PREPARE FOR THE BLISS”


The mystical question that keeps repeating, and I love it, because that means that its heart is still beating. Not that we don’t have other tools to measure it, but still, this is my favorite one; How does your brand magic work?! Let’s see if I can do this right…Brand is not a name.Brand isContinue reading “THE BEATING HEART”


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” Do you know this quote by Henry Ford?Today, Ford is not a small brand at all. But they were once. They had their baby steps, like every other business. But once small business reaches some point of success they become big ones. Furthermore, they becomeContinue reading “SMALL TOWN WORKS”


I finished a new edition of the Chakra Alignment program!WooHoo!! 🙌 Can I get a WooHoo?!!! 😆 Creating an entrepreneur path is not the outside thing, it’s the inner work that we project on the outside. If you’re building a soul-led business, that’s how it goes. Your work becomes the extension of you and weContinue reading “THE ALIGNED REWARD”


Don’t let the long title discourage you to read through… It’s there for a reason.It’s there because we pull up together the blend that really, really hit our brain cells & puts us in a state of joy. Believe it or not, JOY is our natural state. Human natural state.And we are connected to natureContinue reading “THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL SO GOOD!”