When you work in the service industry, no matter what kind of service, you deal with a lot of different people. Some of them are nice, compassionate, some hard to handle, some are just rude or mean, etc. Let’s just say a lot of different characters. 

I’m really having a blast right now because it turned out that the Black Rabbit Tea community is the most LOVING and wild group of characters I could ask for. So much good energy happens within that I’m certain everyone is having fun. That ROCKS! Thank you tribe 😀 And for those of you who are not part of it, here’s the link to the profile;

Black Rabbit Tea’s (@black_rabbittea) profile on Instagram • 116 posts 

But it took me almost ten years to get here because I wasn’t aware of that issue completely. Actually, I didn’t act on it right away, that’s the main problem, but let the time pass.

All my previous jobs were service-based and there was no single clue how the day will go, what kind of humans you’ll run into. If a nice person reaches you, consider yourself lucky. If a bad one comes around you have to pretend that you’re lucky, haha. 

What happens over time is that you start to pick up on their energy and go home a little bit (in the best case) drained. I had to change that. Who wants to spend the time feeling like that, right? I was looking for ways to stay my best no matter what are the circumstances. 

That’s when I recall what I’ve already known and put it into action. Trust me, good habits make miracles!

First comes tea. I drink a few cups a day but one is always reserved for peace and quiet. Slowing down sharpens the mind and recovers the energy, and taking at least 10 to 15 min a day just to drift like this can serve you in a long run.

Then, I fell in love with yoga. At first, summer was my worst season of the year since we had to skip classes for a whole month because of the vacations. I hated it, haha. But actually, I was just missing it so much. Now my practice is mostly at home, especially since the Covid hit, but it’s never the same as when you’re in the group. The energy is just different. How it works on the behalf of our wellbeing, though, doesn’t change.

The next thing I add in my routine of ‘Daily Cleanse’ and sustained mindset was meditation. To be honest, it took a while before I learned how to do it right but it’s worth every second! My mind was drifting all around at first, from drawers that need to be organized, over the pet food that I need to buy, to my hair I need to wash, and so on and on. ‘Daily Stickers’, that’s how I call them, those thoughts that run through your head like a To-Do list. Once I learned how to remove that and ease my thoughts, everything changed.

Over time I managed to stay in my own energy and deal with uncomfortable situations from that place. Now when something like that happens, I get it as a challenge and continue to play the game in peace. 

My sister tells me ‘Your calmness is your super-power’ 😀 I don’t believe in that. It’s just a skill anyone can learn. 

Yes, I do get pissed off. Not that often, but it’s a human reaction. We are allowed to feel that emotion but don’t get it out on just anyone and anywhere.

So guys, clean your energy regularly. Drink tea, practice, meditate, run, read, learn, create…whatever works for you best.

If you need me to send you some meditations, please reach out anytime. 

From the Black Rabbit collection, Bunny’s Sweet Dreams is great for this matter. Mistletoe is the best part of the blend for me, personally, because it calms me down and brings joy! Just love it.

And if you’d like to try it, there’re samples on the link below;



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