I was always drinking tea, from an early age, at least one cup almost daily. That benefits my body, I’m never sick, hardly even have the flu… but I never took notice of how much it benefits my mind, too.

It’s scientifically proven that compounds found in tea, mostly in real tea herb which is Camellia Sinensis, but also in herbal teas, affect our physical and psychological parts of well-being. 

So, what’s the difference between drinking tea then and now ?

When you sip it like a glass of water, just pouring it into your body is much different than when you find some time to sip it slowly and enjoy it. Your mind has time to slow down and actually make you see more! It’s not a boogie story or some magic trick, haha, but I still like to call it Magic. Because you really start to recognize your inner self more and therefore act in alignment with it. 

I start seeing behavioral patterns that don’t serve me at all! Even more, I understood why I haven’t got what I wanted in my life because of this. A clearer vision came to me about how to release those and move on towards my wishes. I start paying more attention to my habits, good and bad. We all have it, let’s be honest, but most people hide behind them with the excuse ‘Oh, that’s just who I am’. No, it’s not. That’s who you CHOOSE to be. You have options to change it, or not, the results will be there either way. It’s your choice what’s going to be, that simple. And I did, I started changing what I wasn’t happy with.

Oh, how much energy you get just from those small changes! It’s beautiful! 

Then I add some activities to my teacup, like reading a book while sipping, or journaling, playing some music, looking for inspiration for my new posts… Find what works for you, simple tasks, but it’s important that you ENJOY it.

I have a great friend who takes that tea time for listening to podcasts or audio lessons and training. She gained so much more knowledge in her field through that. And guess what, she was the one who will always say “I don’t have time for that’ because her schedule is always full, for real. But once you decide what’s important to you, you will always find time for it. Brilliant!

Knowing what makes you feel good and practicing it every day will put you in a vibrational state that matches your goals. Everything becomes easy to achieve, therefore you always have what you want. Of course, there’s a path of consistent work, failure, discipline, also wins and celebrations, but none of it feels hard to deal with. Because your mind is open, your vision is clear and you are aware of the process that is trustworthy.
Magic really happens, oh trust me. That quiet mind makes you face all the sh*t you’ve been ignoring for so long. It’s time to clean that clutter.

Go grab that cup of tea now, or check the program on this link that will serve you as well;



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