When I started my tea biz I didn’t follow the rules, didn’t know any. I’m just the kind of person who tunes in and sees what feels good. Don’t like rules, never care about them and have never been able to follow along. It feels like I’m trapped in a box if you throw me under that kind of obligation. 

Ah, ok, I don’t put authorities on the pedestal either. Looks like it goes hand in hand one with the other. Well, that’s just something that works for me. I’m not a complete anarchist, haha, don’t get me wrong here 😀

But there’s something else I want to point out…

Since my biz started, the constant income was there. People around me never believe it. My peers who were growing their businesses slammed their heads against the wall, like ‘How ?! What do you do to keep those sales rolling in ?!’ It wasn’t a massive abundance of course, but it was growing.
Why did nobody believe it? Because I didn’t have 10K followers on social media, didn’t have influencers to market my products, didn’t run paid ads, and not even had a website, funnel, or email marketing… None! There were few boosted Instagram posts at the very beginning and that’s all. I just didn’t follow the rules of the mainstream. The story was authentic and kept that way so far. ​But behind that scene, what nobody sees is the numbers of sales. Of course I would never show off something like that because nobody needs to prove anything to anyone, but I understand why they didn’t believe it. They had no proof except that I’m still doing it. 

Let me ask you a simple question, Would you still be doing something that actually doesn’t work?​ 

So, how did I do it? How am I still doing it?

I focus on my work, not external numbers. I don’t follow mainstream rules. I hear you but do not always listen. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I won’t do it. I never started it for the money. I found what I enjoy doing and stay committed to the process of growing and monetizing it. I work on myself daily (belief systems, habits, mindset, actions…)
On top of that, I stay completely open and honest with my community and let my brand serve them in the best possible way.

My point here is simple – don’t get distracted by the numbers, just walk your walk. 

Also, I hope this will encourage you to take a different approach to other small biz that haven’t reached 10K followers, or whatever is there for ‘validation’. You don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes, right? It could be the most valuable item or service you purchased. Give it a chance 🙂 Don’t just skip it because none of your friends heard about it.

Here’s an example of my true story.

A girl of mine is a hairdresser. At the time I met her she had global collaborations and had been presented by magazines like Marie Claire, Elle and had her regular customers in town, many of them. She also was, still is the ‘pricy’ one. Whenever I asked around, nobody knew about her. And the woman is really the best in her niche! She made a GOOD living even if she didn’t have the 10K number, just by focusing on her walk.

So, my dear creative souls, clean your desk, start to work on your project, and don’t give a single damn about the external numbers! If you stay on your path you will get what you need, for sure.

The only number you should care about is giving your 100% daily. The results must come!

Feel free to check out the link below, for biz that hasn’t reached 10K followers on social media, but Rockin’ it still!


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