Here is the quick deal, whatever you desire to do, start doing it NOW!

Right after you read this first sentence, your brain has already started throwing a bunch of excuses it can find on why now is not such a good time. Am I right?

I want to work out but I’m tired. I want to go out but it’s raining. I want to write but I have tons of laundry waiting. I want to start my biz but I have no idea. I want to buy this product but I never purchased anything from them. I want to have this skill but I don’t know how…

And the list goes on and on…

The thing is, we get to ignore these ‘small’ excuses but what we’re actually doing is building a habit of procrastination. The small becomes big and as we go we train ourselves to do it later and mostly later becomes never. Because it doesn’t get easier! The best trick is to just do it every day. If you want something to become easy just do it every day. Put it on your list of priorities and don’t you dare to sit and wait for that motivation to kick in! Nope, it won’t be always with you, but guess what, you’ll learn to do it anyway. Maybe it’s not gonna be your best day, but you’ll make it through! πŸ™‚

We also forget that there’s no tomorrow. Sorry, this sounds morbid but it’s true. It’s always NOW. In 5 min and 5 hours and 5 days and 5 months, years, it’s always gonna be NOW. But please don’t wait for that 5 years now, rather start with your desired plan ASAP. We all wait until we are ready, but we are never really ready. We wait until we have this and that, but when we get that then something else is missing. 

We wait because we are afraid. Yes, that’s true. The launch takes courage. And courage is nothing but releasing the ego that’s stopping us. It’s its job to keep us safe right where we’re at. But if we want to move on, grow and expand, we’ve got to put it aside. 

Here’s another approach you can take. Ask yourself questions like
Why am I not doing it?
What scares me?
How’s this procrastination serve me?

Be really honest with yourself. Here you can find the gap you want to work on. Close it.

My passion lies in challenges, for example. I am always pushing myself to create something new. Not that it works every time, haha, of course not, but I practice creativity. That’s how I come up with a new tea blend, as well. First, I want new ingredients, then I find a purpose and see what mixture of herbs and spices goes well together. I sip a million cups before I’m ready to go with the right recipe πŸ™‚ Can you imagine how much time I’d lose if I let it wait ’till I’m ‘ready’ to test it? Before it goes out, a lot of people try it, too (that’s just part of my testing routine). 

For example, that’s how the Spooky Nights came out. How many carrot teas you can find out there? Not many companies are using this ingredient, right? I realized how many hours we’re spending in front of our devices so the main purpose was to support the eyes plus the whole immune system. I should have named it ‘Black Boost’, but it was the perfect color for the Halloween season, so I let it be spooky. And it’s the blend that needed to be out fast, because the season has already started, so, right on time baby!

My point here was simple, don’t wait. 

Wanna get some air? Get out, now.
Wanna try a new recipe? Go to the kitchen, now.
Wanna make a cup of tea? Put the kettle on, now.
Feeling bored? Take some action, now.

Feelin’ it? πŸ™‚

Start practicing this daily. Eventually, the NOW will get under your skin and you’ll watch yourself making results in every field of your life.

Here’s the link to the Spooky tea if you need some extra magic πŸ˜‰
Spooky Nights tea


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