I had the wildest dream last night!  

I was having a Tea party with all the Rockstars, known and unknown to this world, but still amazing human beings. 

To be honest, lately, I was thinking about hosting a Tea party for my community once the road for that gets clear and everyone is safe. That’s why it appeared in my dream and now I’m even more confident that it’s gonna be absolute madness of fun! 😀 Can’t wait to start planning.

And YES, rockstars do drink tea, don’t be fooled by their hard media posts where there’s mostly anarchy and booze, haha. If they haven’t caught moments of breakthroughs and clarity they wouldn’t come that far. Sometimes that requires silence, peace, and quiet. That’s where a cup of tea fits perfectly. On the other side, when I say ROCKSTARS it refers to all amazing and extraordinary people who are doing life with profound wisdom and joy and awareness and truth and courage and freedom. 

If you resonate with this last sentence, Welcome aboard, Rockstar!

Since we cleared who’s who here, we can get back to something I wanted to share with you.

Thinking about this journey with Black Rabbit Tea, what excites me most is being able to help people meet their needs. I haven’t realized that right away. Bunny’s Sweet Dreams is a blend that calms you down and improves your sleep. You do sleep like a baby once you start drinking it, for sure. The idea was to make a little helper for those nights when you need full relaxation, after a long day, a nice bath, and a quiet cup of tea to tackle you into your best dreams. 

What I didn’t have in mind at that point is how many people actually have sleeping problems. I never did, if you don’t wake me up or set an alarm I could wander through that dream state for 15 hours. Since I started doing yoga I even fall asleep faster, like somebody just pulls a plug, haha, night time – shut down. 😀 But probably that’s why it never occur to me before. 

The tea itself does calm you down, that’s a fact, but there’s a difference in nurturing your body and mind in the morning, with a cup of stronger tea, and in the night when you need a completely different setup.

Best teas for the mornings are with caffeine, like black, green, yellow, or even white. Also, something that will give an extra shake to your body, like cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, clove…you know, like a booster. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, then avoid all teas that come from Camellia Sinensis herb and switch to herbal ones, but add these boosters, they help blood flow faster.

For the night, you would like something like chamomile, lavender, linden, skullcap, mistletoe… These herbs (and a wide range of others) will drop your stress level to the minimum and activate your ‘sleepy alarm’. In Bunny’s Sweet Dreams blend we mixed lavender, chamomile, and mistletoe at the right dosage so the taste doesn’t get bitter, which can happen if you are not familiar with blending. And if you want the full experience, I advise that you take a 20 min bath with some Epsom salt to slightly detox the body, grab a book or play some ambient music, and enjoy the ride to Dreamland. Oh, yes, you’ll start drooling before you even realize it … zzzz …

Here’s the link to this dreamy blend if you want to check it out;

Black Rabbit Tea (@black_rabbittea) • Instagram photos and videos



  1. Fartfist says:

    Ya had me at Lavender and Chamomile!!!
    You’re awesome!


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