As the second part of December approaches, it begins to feel like the last hour of the shift. Do you get that feeling, as well? Then January hits and it’s not like just a new day, but a new job. Suddenly, I feel a fresh start and perspective, excited to meet new colleagues and surroundings. 🙂

Well, if you feel the same way, this is the best time to implement new things or routines into your life. Or maybe start that new project you were thinking of. Whatever it is, don’t wait until you’re ready, because you’ll never be. Just start and, trust me, you’ll catch up as you go. It’s also the best way to learn and grow, to expand. 

Yesterday I had a long discussion with a friend who’s making jewelry. She uses thin leather as a base and combines it with copper and zinc, to form details. You can make anything with these but her primary products are necklaces. Now, the main issue why her jewelry is not completely released into the world is because she has this belief that it’s nothing new, somebody else already has done it, etc. Her pieces are the creation of her imagination, it’s not stolen work, but did somebody else already come up with a similar idea of leather jewelry with copper details? The answer is YES, for sure. 

Do you think you’re the only one in the world who’s making shoes? Or perfumes? Or writing books? 

People get stuck because they think that they need to invent something completely new or it has no value at all. Oh, come on! It’s great if you have that kind of invention upon your sleeves, but that’s not always the case.

DO NOT COPY the work of others, but you’re allowed to be inspired by it, for sure. Work your way around that inspiration and create from your perspective. We are all different by nature, so just connect with yourself and the unique approach to design must show up. There you go – you made your own piece of art!

As Vincent Van Gogh said ‘What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?’

Imagine if Van Gogh didn’t paint because there were painters in the world already. Imagine if Michelangelo didn’t sculpt because there were other sculptors, too…

Just imagine the world without new creations.

Would there be music? Would there be stories? Would there be comics? Would there be poems? Would there be clothing? Would there be pottery?

Without courage and creativity, there will be no art and the world would be one boring place to live. 

This is my call to you to put into realization the project you have had on your beautiful mind for a while now. Use these cold December nights, brew some nice tea, and brainstorm a little more about your desires. Set the date on the calendar and once it knocks on your morning door – ​release it! Rebuild it at first if you must, ​just hold on to that courage and proceed. Learn how to enjoy the process as you go, through all ups and downs that will come your way. Don’t get scared. Enjoy the ride and there will be people who will find you. There will be others, too, who don’t like your work, but it’s fine. You can’t please everybody, and that’s still ok. 

Just imagine how would the world look like if we had no courage to attempt anything…

My new book is released! Find it on the link below 🙂



  1. It was really inspiring, thanks for the post.

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  2. I love your comment on not waiting till you’re ready, because you truly never will be! Sometimes you just need to dive into things headfirst and adjust from there, instead of waiting for the perfect moment, because there’s always something you can do before you start, and doing that just keeps you stuck in inactivity. Thanks for this!

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    1. Exactly! The perfect moment doesn’t excist and we get caught up waiting for it. But the truth underneath that is just our insecurity.


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