Have you found that inner shelter where you can run to when things get messy? When do those moments (maybe like 2020) occur? When do you feel like swimming in that beautiful sea but always upstream? 

Well, this is a story about patience, because, in those times, I think that’s the skill we want to focus on most.

To be honest, I’m not a very patient person. Or, I should say I wasn’t…That mode always felt like something is going slow, waiting, expecting… agh… My nature is more like ‘Go get it. Let’s do this now. Why wait? Let’s move!’ But over time, through different situations, you admit to yourself at last that patience is such a powerful skill to have.

When I started sipping tea with higher attention, my brain was finally able to embrace the act of not fighting the resistance and let it be. Of course, whenever we learn something new, even if we can’t see its benefits right away, there always comes a time when we need to pull that lesson out of our sleeves. Right? 

And the time came. To cut the story short, because it’s not that fun and I really don’t want to relive it all over again, but I had huge problems with logistics within my brand. At some point, everything just got out of control, and there’s me on one side not even sure how to find the best solution, and circumstances on the other, pushing me backward. I even went through a season of imaginary blockage. Energetically, I was almost shut down, but luckily season didn’t last long. It was frustrating as hell!

In those moments when you go all in, it’s hard for you to really see what you’re doing to yourself. There’s no clarity and you’re literally standing in your way. Now I understand what it means when I hear ‘Move out of your way!’

I shift from what’s not working to what else can I do. It took me a while to master that alignment, but I was able to walk again, day by day, taking even a small step that’s in alignment with where I’m heading. 

Two months. It took me two months. It could be later, it could be sooner, but anyway, those were the longest two months I felt in years! But it was all worth it. The logistics were set again, everything came back to order (or at least I got it under control) and I was ready for the smooth sail again. The Black Rabbit Tea Shines on still!

This lesson of shifting, quieting your mind, taking a step back, and excepting what is, then taking aligned actions from that place, call it patience, call it however you feel like, but it’s a valuable piece of skill that we all need to have. To be real, I guess I was lucky to be able to recall it before the complete shutdown. Otherwise, frustration and depression would occur, which will then result in giving up on my beautiful teas. And it’s not just about the brand, but the community as well. Wouldn’t be nice to betray such amazing tea lovers and rockstar humans!

Now, patience doesn’t mean sitting and waiting, anymore.

Patience means bringing the situation to awareness and taking proper actions towards the desired solution.

Patience means working on stuff a little longer.

Patience is standing in your line but still moving forward.

Patience is staying in the game.

Know your direction and keep your steady walk.

Feel free to post your point of view about this. I would love to know more…Is patience one of those harder lessons for you as well? 



  1. Fartfist says:

    You go gurl!!!! This is positive flow right here!

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    1. Fartfist says:

      …..also FF desperately awaits instant gratification. Its a common side effect of the information age.


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      1. No, it’s just your scarcity 🙂 You choose to hold on to that instead of keep doing what feels good for you.

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      2. Fartfist says:

        You make me giggle! When you forget you know everything, it will become apparent. Thanks for the post!! If you only knew what joy I get from reading your words!!!



      3. We are all students in some areas and teachers in others… Hold on to that 😉 and keep giggling 😀

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      4. Fartfist says:

        I for one will be a student. My lesson is graduated when I die…. 😉

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      5. As you wish FF…as you wish… We all get what we wish for 🙂

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  2. dogear6 says:

    I love your blog post! I can see why WordPress sent you over to mine.

    Have you read Emily Freeman’s book, The Next Right Thing? That’s the premise of what she writes about. What is the next right thing? What can you do next? Not in the undefined future, but now.

    I’m going to copy your thoughts on patience into my journal so I can reflect on it more.

    Excellent points – thanks for sharing!


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    1. Thank you so much Nancy, of course, use these thoughts if they resonate with you and feel free to expand them in a higher level, for yourself! I’m glad you find it useful.

      I haven’t read that book, but will check it out right away. So many books are on my radar haha, but thank you for adding another one 😀

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