Being known around the family and friends as someone who has to do things her own way, no wonder I ended up brewing teas My Way. Even have a slogan My tea, My rules πŸ™‚

Because there’s always enough space for experimenting.

When that inspiration hits, for example, ​I like to brew my black tea with milk.​ But that’s not all. On top of that sprinkles of grained cinnamon bring extra magic. Not done yet… Rose petals for decoration and just a touch of their beautiful smell and taste. But cocoa makes me laugh, so I will usually add it, as well. I like my tea this way.

Some serious tea drinkers would cut my head right now, and I almost understand them. They are different. To them, it’s more about the herb itself, the way it’s grown and dried later, and the whole process of making it. I’m sorry, I do respect that but there’s so much more room to can expand and explore! I love the adventure. 

One time I had roasted chestnuts. Yes, they ended up in a cuppa πŸ˜€

To bring even more attention to these occasions, I sit in my corner (always had to have my little corner), with a journal, or a book, play some music in the background, and just let myself completely enjoy the sips. Of course, this serving is reserved for a special mug, probably a handmade one from a local artist. That brings me unique joy… I used to write poetry, lots of it! That’s how ‘my corner’ was invented, but since one of my collections was published, I somehow turned to other things and honestly haven’t written a poem in years. Hope someday I’ll, at least, publish the rest of it, if not write something new. It’s sad to just leave your creations sleeping on the shelf 😦 Never do that! Whatever you create, put it out there to the world. Somebody will enjoy it, somebody will laugh about it, somebody will love it or learn from it… It doesn’t matter what you gonna bring them about, it matters that you will make them feel something. And who knows how it’s gonna reflect you! What goes around comes around. When you give with honesty, you receive love. Be that rockstar!

Just wanted to drop a quick post here and remind you to stay open to things. Let yourself explore new stuff your own way. It’s safe to play πŸ™‚

If you have any special ritual on your own, stuff you do Your Way, share with me in the comments. I would like to hear more about your inspirations.

In the meantime, feel free to join me at one of the links below, and Let’s share some magic!

Black Rabbit Tea (@black_rabbittea) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

The Cup of Diary blog (@thecupofdiary) β€’ Instagram photos and videos



  1. Tea is one of the best rituals to ground, centre and share energy x

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    1. Happy you find it true as well! The warm joy! Right? πŸ˜€

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      1. I’m gonna connect with you on other platforms for sure. I’m half Indian so the ritual of tea is very special x

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      2. That’s great! I always say they should put Tea in schools, so we can learn how important beverage that is, from the early age πŸ™‚

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