In one of my previous posts (ON A DATE WITH HOT NATURE), I wrote about my book ‘Herbal Baths’. It’s a collection of bath recipes made mostly of herbs and oils. Since I’ve got several emails regarding this topic, I decided to write a little more about it. If you’re interested in a story about how I ended up writing this book, make sure to read the post I mentioned above. I’ll post the link at the end of this post, to make it easier for you πŸ™‚

I like to simplify stuff, so I do it for you as well πŸ˜€ 

The questions referred to me were mainly about How to mix herbs? Can you mix some random ingredients that you like? … The answer is yes and no, and here’s why; 

Not all the herbs are compatible with each other. For example, some have calming properties and others lifting, some have cooling, and other warming effects… and so on… Nothing wrong will happen here even if you mix them together. There are no special restrictions, you just won’t get the complete experience and the best result you wish. Although, there’s one thing you want to pay attention to and that is allergies! Or if you have an issue of any kind, known from your experience, with any herb or oil that’s in the recipe, please leave it out or find a substitute. There are plenty of herbs, spices, oils, and salts that could be combined.

So my best answer will be to Get to Know the Herbs! You must learn at least some basics if you’re up for this play on your own. 

You want to make a good combination of aromas, an effect that it has on your body and mind, support, or healing your skin needs… Before you start, first make sure that you know your skin type, then ask yourself What do I want/need? Let those answers lead you to your bath magic πŸ™‚ Explore, create, and enjoy!

I can quickly help you here with a few useful herbal benefits; 

White sage, Lavender β€“ cleanse the energy, so if you feel negative, throw a bath of these herbs 

Chamomile, Mistletoe, Magnolia β€“ calms the nerves, stress relief  

Eucalyptus β€“ boosts metabolism, opens the lungs for deeper breathing 

Ginger root, Dandelion root β€“ boost circulation 

Rose petals β€“ lift the spirit, smoothens the skin 

Hibiscus, Mint β€“ cooling properties, best for summer or after a workout 

Passionflower β€“ improves sleep 

Basil β€“ useful for lymphatic drainage

Marigold β€“ literally Gold for the skin!

From the book;

‘Skin is the largest organ of the human body, you all know that, and it absorbs everything you put on. That’s why I always advise using handmade, natural products since they are not filled with sulfates, parabens, and other chemical enemies for the skin. Natural compounds will bring back and keep balance in your skin cells, which will also result in appearance. On the other hand, you can try making natural cosmetics on your own. It’s not a big deal and you’ll always know what goes in. But, if you are not into that, people who make this stuff are usually more honest than corporations and they’ll put on the label the ingredients that actually are in the product. So don’t be afraid to buy it. Besides the honesty and healthy ingredients, they put much more love and care into it!’

Last, but not least πŸ™‚ let me share with you the first recipe I created on my own, before even a thought about the book. It’s a calming and refreshing bath for a Sunday afternoon (that’s when I like it most) when you don’t rush anywhere, and it’s still early for sweet dreams, just want to spend some time on your own.


50 gr sea salt 

30 gr lavender 

30 gr rosemary 

30 gr thyme 

30 gr mint 

Add the ingredients to the bath and stir by hand to make sure that everything is thoroughly mixed. Soak for about 20 min. Relax!

Hope you’ll enjoy it! πŸ™‚

Here’s the link to the blog post ‘ON A DATE WITH HOT NATURE’

ON A DATE WITH HOT NATURE – The Cup of Diary (

If you would like to get a book for your own collection, here’s where you can get it, and any feedback is always appreciated! 

Herbal Baths book | Black Rabbit Tea



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