Based on a lot of research and personal experimenting, I found some important basics for better creativity and productiveness.

If we want to keep ourselves sharp in this area, we will need:

*Good immune system

*Sharp brain/focus

*Light heart


Seems like a lot of work, right? πŸ™‚ But guess what, if we do it every day it doesn’t seem like work, and it improves every area of our life. If you read through the end you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Motivation doesn’t work, we know that. It’s not a long-lasting friend πŸ™‚ It’s gonna be there when we start (which of course we wanna take advantage of) but it will leave eventually. So we need to make sure that whatever we set ourselves to do, we do it anyway! Whether we feel like it or not. We can set small rewards at the end of the tasks if that’s something we really don’t like doing.

For example, if you don’t like exercising, do it for 15 min every day. Then make sure that you reward yourself with some shake you enjoy, a cup of tea, or whatever works for you.

When the brain knows there’s a reward waiting, it’ll be easier on us and let us do the task with less resistance. What motivates us to go to work every day? The reward that’s called a paycheck, right? (Here I point to the job we actually don’t enjoy). But it’s the same with everything else. Even the things we like to do, there comes the time when we just wake up not feeling like doing it. That’s where our strength of discipline breaks through and pushes forward. 

The same ‘problem’ lies in creativity and productiveness! I put these two under the same roof for a reason, because when we have that creative drive we’re more likely to act on it. When there’s an urge to create we’re more likely to find inspiration.

But we all do hit the block sometimes. My brand is based on creativity. There is not much of the technical stuff. It’s all about everyday creation. And yes, I, just like anybody else hit that wall of blank paper. I used to think that blank paper block is the problem within me, that it’s a skill that I’m missing. So I took painting classes. I thought that would help me solve the fear of blank pages. But, then I find out that even my teacher has it! What a breakthrough, haha. So I set myself into deeper research on how to keep that artist’s block on the lower level. It has to happen sometimes and that’s ok, but we don’t need it often, it’s a bummer πŸ™‚

First things first, Immune System.

One of the basic stuff, our health. If it’s good, then we can concentrate on other things, when it’s not, then it becomes the only thing on our radar. Make sure to take care of yourself. It’s different for everybody when it comes to health care. You should be aware of what triggers your body and how to keep it safe. For me, this has never been a problem. I have a strong immune system (not even knowing what I’m doing to it, haha), but I’m sure that drinking tea every day, practicing yoga, being active, lowering stress, and eating well have their role in this matter. We are all different, so learn what works for your body and follow the leads.

A healthy body also means healthy thinking. The brain soaks everything! Be careful what you think about since that’s something you can change. If you see a rush of negative thoughts, turn their course right away, otherwise, it will just slow you down. Remove distractions. The phone is No1. I did it so easily before, but now I have to set the app for it, screen lock. Amazing feature! Set it for as long as you need, start with a smaller amount of time until you get used to it. But it works great! Now when you know there’s nothing to interrupt you, you are all alone with your creative task and as soon as you finish it you can move on. What happens here is that when we set ourselves to do it this way we tend to finish the assignment not just faster, but more efficiently, as well. Ten minutes of meditation helps me ground myself and clear my mind, then I brew a cup of tea (usually black for brain focus), and as I sip I do what needs to be done.

Here comes the Light Heart πŸ™‚

Remember this, there is no magic if there’s no ease. Even if we do need to force ourselves sometimes, as I mentioned above, we’re actually forcing ourselves to start, just to start. After that, the flow of the creative process drags us in. Hold on to that joy, because that’s the feeling of ease we’re looking for. Don’t rush yourself, sometimes you will need more and sometimes less time, let it be. Play some music, include those little things into the process. I like music in the background, but sometimes silence fits more. Go with that flow you find interesting and create with magic. 

And in the end, Courage. That strong word that we all want to have, and we do but do we all stick to it? In moments when the time comes? Or do we withdraw? Hmm… it’s hard to tell, but definitely a skill we want to embrace. Yes, it’s just another skill. When we understand what happens in the body and mind once we need to take a courageous step, it becomes easier to manage it. When we know that nervousness in the stomach is just a physical signal in the body trying to adjust to a new thing, and we’re still safe, then there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the brain flipping out because it knows that we’re about to step out of the comfort zone, which is good πŸ™‚ Do it anyway. Lower the ego, ignore the physical symptoms, and there you go, your Great Courageness is born! Every time, over and over. 

This last ‘tip’ should serve best those who are shy, afraid, insecure… to release their creativity to the world because they have no evidence of how the world will react to it. Will they like it? Will they laugh at it? Will they follow? Will I fail at this?… And what if that will be the best choice you ever made?! Well, you’ll never find out unless you try…

I see a lot of people around me struggle with this, great people, great artists, great minds, but that small link is just missing…

Hope that this New Year will bring us more Courage to try new stuff or release the old ones. If you’re an artist let me know in the comments, post a link to your work so we can all support you!

If you think you’re not an artist I would like to reason you because as humans, we all are artists at some point. So, welcome aboard πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful day ahead!

…and Drink More Tea…



  1. Fartfist says:

    I agree with the drink more tea part…
    A solid motive built the world we know.


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    1. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your cuppa these days

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