Tonight is the night filled with most fireworks. I just LOVE them! When the shine spreads all over the sky, aww, AMAZING! The warmth and excitement fill my heart. 

​What I like to do is brew my favorite Assam black tea, sprinkle it with vanilla, and add milk​. Then I sit outside and enjoy the sparkling sky of fireworks. 

Just wanted to hop on and bring those sparkles I saved for you, for the forthcoming year.

Be bold

Be courageous

Be visionary

and remember to Spark

Thank you for being here!

Have an AMAZING New Year!



  1. Fartfist says:

    You’re awesome!!!! Happy everything to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FF loves the smell of fireworks just as much as the sight!
    Happy New Year, Miss “lady”!


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    1. Thank you FF !!!
      Have a nice smelling year then 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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