Monday, the first day of a new week, and the first week of the new year.

Let’s start it with a high vibe! Shall we? 😀

​I’m not sure how much are you familiar with the energies of chakras. ​But those internal points can block our way if we don’t keep them clean. Everything is energy. So, make sure that you check on your vibes daily, because otherwise, the spiral can drag you downwards.

Like the resolution I made, ‘Do more of what brings you joy!’ 

A year ago, I’ve created a list of teas that are connected with each chakra, following their planets and days of the week. My intention was to support people to go through a process of energetic cleanse for a period of 28 days and not drastically change their tea routine. If you don’t drink tea regularly, then this is something that will serve you in two ways:

-Creating the habit of drinking tea daily

-Cleansing your chakras

Chakras are constantly influenced by our thoughts, behavior, everyday stress (even the small ones we usually just dismiss), surroundings… Everything we do, everywhere we go, everyone we talk to and all our beliefs affect this natural alignment. Sometimes this imbalance comes through feelings and sometimes it could be a physical illness. That’s why inner energy matters and that’s what ‘Do more of what brings you joy’ stands for. Make sure to keep that inner spiral in a smooth flow.

There are many ways to work with chakras and put them back in balance. There are energy healing sessions, for example. I have a friend who does this very well, I must admit. The session length is different for everybody, depending on how much of the clutter energy needs to be removed. Mine lasted 2 hours, although I felt like it was just 20 minutes! But we did what we had to do and it was a great experience. Like you’re having a relaxing massage but with a breakthrough at the end. There’s no touching, you’re just listening to her voice and guidance. I met her in person, but now she’s doing sessions over Skype or Zoom and yes, they are effective, too. Because everything is energy! 

Please feel free to let me know if this is something that interests you, so I can connect you with her.

Other ways, that I haven’t tried, are crystals, colors, fragrances, sounds, or meditation. Although I do meditate, I don’t use often meditation for this matter. But now I just reminded myself that I should improve that, haha :D. Love this ‘journal’, reflects back so much stuff 🙂 Journal daily, seriously. I have my private diary, of course, but see how much even this brings the noise we need to hear?! It’s for our better self 😉

Well, I gave you a quick overview of chakras and rebalancing alternatives, and now want to get back to my way of doing it daily.

I’ve created 7 different tea blends that are in alignment with a specific chakra, day of the week, and followed by the planet of chakras and herbs. It wasn’t an easy task, but yes, I leverage it. It’s all approved by different healers that are familiar with this topic. I haven’t launched it in the regular Black Rabbit Tea collection, because this is not something that catches everyone’s attention. If this resonates with you, I know you will reach out.

So, here we go! There are two available options;

1. You can order the package of 28 tea blends with full guidance for each day

2. You can order a spreadsheet of complete guidance and instructions on how to do this on your own at home. All herbs, days, and attentions are listed, no worries. 

Nothing’s woo woo, you just need to make a cup of tea by the instructions 🙂

For more detailed information and other questions feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer as much as possible.

It’s important to keep our chakras clean and our vibe high!

Let me know if this resonates with you or what’s your way to keep the alignment? Post it in the comments.



  1. I just started a 7 day yoga/meditation challenge to try to balance my chakras!

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    1. Yes, that’s awesome, too! I practice yoga few days a week, and still like to try different techniques. When you do it with intention it has much better effect. Let me know how it goes! 🙂


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