There was a conversation in our studio about what color should our ‘working’ space be?

As we know, colors do affect parts of our brain, and how our brain is wired is how we gonna percept each color. It’s different for everybody.

I like black. It’s the color of the unknown to me, also powerful and deep. But most people will relate it to some negative and hard feelings, like death, for example. If we consider that in Japan white color is for mourning, will we still be that rigid on black? In most cultures, blue is used to attract success related to money, but for ancient Egyptians, it was the color that symbolizes fertility and rebirth. For African cultures, red signifies powerful religion and it’s worn by chief priests in the performance of their duties. So many different examples show us that there can’t be a universal perception of colors, right? 

There are studies on the psychological impact of colors on us, but still, what fits for you doesn’t have to fit me. That’s not something that can be generalized. We can only say, these colors are fresh and bright, or these are dark… But which one brings joy and which one doesn’t, that’s an individual choice. 

My dear friend recently changed her living space. It used to be colorful and bright, dominated by red, but now it’s all white. Everything! Walls, floors, furniture… ok, there are details that are still red, but the main parts are all white. I feel like I enter in a sterilizer, haha. Just wouldn’t be able to handle living in all the white space. But she can, which is fine. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s a matter of preference.

Then we realized that there will be no debate on which color our spaces should be. Since we are creators, we should follow our own ways. Think about your creative (work) space. What do you like about it, what feels off? If your productivity is low, this may be the step you want to take. Changing our environment, even a tiny bit, can affect our mood (therefore productivity) in a positive way, drastically. And think about the colors. Add to your space those you like, see how it goes. If the orange vase brings you joy put it there. But if that brown door is killing you, paint them! It’s that simple. 

Surround yourself with colors you enjoy and the inspiration level will rise.

​Also, think about the materials.​ I believe everything is energy, so a metal pencil holder on my desk will bother me, but that may not be of concern to you. I like to go into details. You know that old saying ‘The devil is in the details’ 🙂 Yes, it is. I’m not even close to a perfectionist, I just like to treat myself whenever it’s possible, and being surrounded by things I like is a real treat when we talk about a space where we spent a lot of time.

Increasing inspiration and productivity mostly depends on our mood, although discipline plays a big role, as well, how we feel is the most common reaction to how we gonna create (or how much). Pay attention to that. Small changes are always required. 

And remember to make it intentional! This is the most enjoyable part and also a great way of habit improvement. For example, when I made a wooden tea box for Black Rabbit Tea, I encouraged people to keep it on their work desks. It looks like a decoration, but the main reason was to hold it in their sight as a reminder for drinking tea. It’s a healthy habit and a simple method to achieve it without even trying! Having that box on your eyesight will make you drink more tea, or whatever you intentionally put there. If you place a pack of smoke, you will be definitely smoking more. Need to increase water intake – set a water bottle… and so on.

Consider this technique next time you clean your desk, although I would rather say Do it right away! Think about what you want to bring in or take out of your daily routine. And include all that’s in your visual area. Walls count, too. What’s hanging there may encourage or discourage you.

Let it be a creative project where you set the workspace (at home or in the office) the way you like, with intentions, and watch how it reflects your days. 🙂

For more tea, check the link;

Home | Black Rabbit Tea



  1. I believe you are right about color. I have white carpet throughout my house which I cannot get or keep it clean enough to suit me. We bought it fully furnished, and you guessed it, with white furniture. I have colorful afghans on the couch and loveseat which pacifies me somewhat.

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    1. Thanks for reading Time Traveler!

      White carpets can be a real challenge when it comes to cleaning, you’re right :/ Is there any chance to replace it or find another solution…that will suit you better ? On the other hand, if everything else is the way you like, that will support you. Be reasonable, if only the carpet doesn”t fit it won’t kill you 😀 Change what you can!


      1. I have put as much color as possible. We are still youngsters, in our 80’s, and don’t know what we want to do when we grow up. We may load up our Motorhome and take off for the wild blue yonder.

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      2. Hahaha, ok, I guess you’ll find your answers eventually

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    1. Thank you #Hollis! I appreciate your kind words.

      Sorry for the late reply as well, I just found your comment in the spam folder 😦


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