Herb that loves the Sun, sage (Sukodawabuk).

Thanks to Native American tribes, the practice of burning sage continues today. These people used it for medicine as well as to cleanse the air around them. But only under one condition; the herb must be grown in an exact way and energy. What we do today is just buy some ‘smudge sticks’ in a local shop, or incense, and find that enough. They call this Abuse. And I understand. Growing herbs with spiritual intention, putting all the energy in, and growing it just for commercial use can’t be even close to equal. 

Burning sage in ceremonies is believed to repel evil spirits and negative feelings. It also kills bacteria in the air, so it is good to smudge your place (or objects) from time to time. If it’s even possible, it would be best if you can find sage that’s grown traditionally rather than commercially. I know this can be challenging, but this way you’re sure that energetically this ritual will lead to the most desirable result.

Although I love to burn incense in my home, I don’t use the sage on a daily basis. I find them great for neutralizing all the smells, but sage sticks are reserved only for cleansing from time to time. I just like to keep it that way, for special purposes only 🙂

When you feel the clutter energy in your home, or within yourself, try this purifying ritual. For a lot of people, the ritual itself calms their minds. For me, the after effect works better. 

For physical benefits, this herb works very well for sore throat and coughs. But different types of sage are used for purifying and drinking. Common sage for tea is Salvia Officinalis, while Salvia Apiana is for smudging. Check that detail next time you visit your supplier. 

And don’t drink this tea excessively! It’s not one of those beverages you can enjoy every day, but good sage cuppa from time to time will be beneficial. For sore throat, let it cool enough that it’s not hot but warm, and just gargle. Do this a few times a day and your throat will thank you later.

Have you tried the burning sage ritual so far? 

Let me know in the comments how it works for you 🙂



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