I’ll be your cook for the day!

Just kidding 😀 I don’t like cooking. But I can brew you some delicious magic.

I’ve got this recipe a long time ago and (of course) add something on my own, just to screw a bit the original. Haha! Sorry, that’s me.

For the past week I’ve been busy around the launch of my new Tea program (make sure to check it out, Alignment Tea Program), so now when it’s on, I can sit back and enjoy the community more. I’m there for all the questions and support about the program, but that requires a different kind of time. When you prepare a program it’s a little bit stressful because you take care of the value you give and I always want to add some more and more…which is fine, but not a proper way to do it. When you put too many details into the program, people can easily get lost and overwhelmed. It’s important to keep it simple and easy to apply for the best results. But once it’s done, I completely surrender myself to the fun part of the support! 

Some people are shy, keep their outcomes for themselves, and I can respect that, of course. But with those who share their progress with me, I associate fairly. So, if you get this program, feel free to share your improvements, I’m here to assist and celebrate you through each step!

So today, in that moment of exhaling, I realized I haven’t drank Tea Latte for quite a while. I wanted to make it special. So I pull out my Tea recipe book and found this old one, but the good one, trust me.

It’s a simple brew Black Ginger tea Latte.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 spoon black (best Assam) tea

1 spoon dry ginger root

2 oz raw honey

1 spoon of whipped cream

A few drops of vanilla extract

a few ice cubes

cinnamon powder

How to make it:

*Bring water almost to a boil (about 250 ml) and steep together black and ginger tea as usual, for about 4 minutes.

*On low heat, in a saucepan mix honey and vanilla for a minute. Then add (strained) tea.  

*If you serve it hot, neglect the ice. If you want it cold, now is the time to add it.

*Add whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon as much as you like.

Enjoy the sparks of this amazing beverage!

I would love to hear from you if you like it once it’s served.

So make some time for yourself to sip this one and let me know will this be on your weekly list of joys 🙂



  1. I have to admit, this sounds tasty, even though I am English and have always loved Earl Grey hot and black. I have never had Assam tea, but I like honey and ginger.

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    1. Englishman, try new stuff 😁 Earl Grey is amazing but feel free to experiment sometimes! Try black Assam with milk, I’m sure you will like it ✨

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      1. I will take your advice and try some. I have forsaken tea lately in favor of coffee, only because it is faster. Thanks for reminding me to be good to myself.

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      2. You’re welcome ✨

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      3. Might try it this afternoon after or rather before I try to work on my website.

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      4. Try it during the work 😉


  2. Mariana Gouveia says:

    Bom, vou experimentar… se bem que onde moro, por ser muito quente, vou fazer gelado. Depois digo como foi.

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      1. Mariana Gouveia says:

        I do not know English. I use the page translator, I’m sorry.

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    1. Ok 😁

      I can’t wait to hear about the ice cream then! It’s a great idea. Let me know what it’s like 🤗


  3. Sounds wonderful if one could drink caffeine, which I cannot.

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    1. You can exclude black tea and add some herbal one, or just ginger 😊


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