Are you one of those people who have a notebook for everything?

I prefer to write it all down. Opening a new notebook for each stuff that interests me is like opening a new chapter, starting a new day, and it always brings some crisp feeling. I like to take notes even when I’m reading a book (not a novel, of course 😀 ).

By reading this you’re now aware that I have a whole library of notebooks, haha. But that’s not a matter of this post. I found one where I was collecting every piece of information that’s related to my research of various herbs. Long before I even thought that the Tea biz will occur. Now I am grateful for those notes, they help me a lot through this journey. Especially the ones where I added personal notes like ‘This and this herb taste good together’, or ‘Nobody except me likes this taste’, or ‘This one is toxic – do not use it!’‘This one smells like magic’… and so on.

In there, I found some interesting pieces about the Chamomile herb and that’s what I wanted to share with you.

We all (probably) know that chamomile has been long used for relaxation. It calms the nerves and promotes a warm, welcoming feeling in the body. It does smell nice, but what I like to do is add a bit of vanilla, just for the magic touch. It makes me sleep like a baby! It’s also good for skin rashes and other skin issues. I talk a little bit more about that in my last book Herbal Baths‘. Yes, it’s great to make a herbal bath, or even add herbs in your bath bombs (if you’re making them on your own – like I used to. It was fun, for real. Try it out if you haven’t yet. They could be a great gift, too). Chamomile can be used for hair, as well. If you’re blond, this is your rinse friend. Brew some tea, let it steep and cool a bit, then, after you wash and rinse your hair regularly, rinse again with tea. This will lighten the color if that’s what you’re looking for.

But here are other interesting uses of chamomile flowers that I thought will be fun.

To old civilizations, this herb was related to the energy of the Sun. It was held that drinking chamomile tea brings positive energy to the body and the mind. So it’s a vital beverage during various ceremonies and rituals. Since it was believed that it’s Sun’s herb, it was reserved usually for Sunday (as Sun’s day). 

But the magic doesn’t stop there. This Sun’s herb has the power to ‘heal’ other plants, too. Therefore it was planted near another herb to help her grow. Amazing, right? 🙂 

In some cultures, it was ritually used for different kinds of manifestations, as well. But I can’t really trust that, honestly, although I’ve never tried them. If you find yourself enthusiastic about this one and actually do it, please let us all know if it works, haha, we could always use it :D. Here’s what it is;

 Burning chamomile each day was believed to bring wealth from the work. 

Attracted? 🙂 Read more then… 

Washing your hands with chamomile before gambling should bring you luck. 

How fun it would just be! 😀

But let’s get to the more grounded stuff about this herb, the ones that actually do work.

Chamomile’s name comes from a Greek word, meaning ‘ground apple’. 

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, you heard that one before, right? That’s chamomile tea in the Tea World. 

Its antibacterial properties will help fight the cold. This can apply to most herbal teas if not all. But what chamomile does better than the rest is soothing the stomach aches. Yup, whatever may be troubling your belly, this herb will repel. As I mentioned above, it works wonders for your stress level. If you find yourself nerve-wracking, go on, steep some chamomile tea (add honey for the sweeter result), sip, and watch the magic happen! This is the most loving tea for kids and pets, as well. I think my cat is the only one who doesn’t like it, haha, but she doesn’t count 😀

Sunny, bright chamomile flower tea. In Black Rabbit Tea blends, it’s joined with lavender and mistletoe in Bunny’s Sweet Dreams blend. Yup, sleep like a baby 🙂 This is a full sleepy blend, not just to calm you down, but to actually tuck you into the land of sweet dreams. For those sleepy wanderers and insomniacs, works great both ways. 

Grab your cuppa and let me know in the comments are you a fan of chamomile tea? 

Or will you try the lucky gambling trick? 😀



  1. Lotus Laura says:

    Chamomile tea is a favorite of mine. Didn’t know about the sun connection! That’s wonderful! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LaDonna Remy says:

    I learned a lot here. Chamomile sounds pretty amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you find it useful. Yes, it’s a great herb 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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