Hey Tea lovers!

The new tea blend is out at Black Rabbit Tea – BREATHE, but that’s not all!

I’ve been working on my website last night. The part about terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies, etc. Not the fun part at all, I must admit. But what inspired me to write this post is the overall look and idea.

I realized how much is different than most of the Tea websites.

When you present your art/product/service, whichever it is, you’re doing your best to tell the story that will get to the audience the right way. Those of you who are doing something similar know what I’m talking about. But for you who never had to deal with introducing your creation to the world, I just need to say that it’s not that easy. When you make a presentation for another brand it’s much easier than when you do it for something that came from you. Hope you track with me here 🙂 

Your work is part of you, part of your thoughts, emotions, values…ideas in general. So you see it from one perspective, although it consists of several ones, still, it’s you who understand it well. But what about the viewers? They are not in your head. I struggle with that a bit. I like to simplify things, but simplicity is not giving you any kind of proof that they will understand, right?

Therefore, I wanted to tell you something more about the Black Rabbit Tea, since it’s way different than any other Tea company. 

Yes, it’s black! And it will stay black 😀 

Yes, it’s strong and bold! And it will stay that way.

Yes, it’s spreading magic! And that’s something that will never change.

Now, I’ll explain this a little bit further. 

I hate to be trapped in a box. I hate to see people doing things all the same way. I hate the mainstream. Why? Because we are all authentic as human beings. Accordingly, if we would all create from our deepest visions, we will have such a massive range of various creations. But consumerism (mainstream) doesn’t want us to act that way. Sorry, but (if I may say and you’ll understand) f** you, mainstream. By that being said you can now understand what the statement on the Black Rabbit Tea profile stands for. It says ‘Tea blends for those who think differently’. And it’s for all of you who believe that freedom is available for all. Freedom of creation, freedom of expression, freedom of choice. 

For a while, I kept another statement there, too. It was ‘Before you enter please leave your demons out’, meaning, ‘Enter with a good vibe only’. But then I realized it was too harsh for the people because when they see the word Demon, they totally forget about the context. So I did pull it off, although it will definitely be on the Tea Room door! 😀 

Like attracts like. I never forget that. In order to connect with my true audience, I have to be true. Therefore my brand stands behind that, as well. Wrapping up some fake stories is not my game. Let’s be honest, let’s be true, and let the world see that. Those who resonate will follow, and the rest will find themselves somewhere else. I call that respect. 

And that’s where the Magic starts! 

Connecting with like-minded people is such a fulfilling act. We share laughs and joy all the time. We hold understanding and compassion. We support each other in every area, because there are a lot of creative people in this synergy. It sounds crazy, and I didn’t believe it at first, but almost every person that purchased from Black Rabbit Tea has connected to us on a higher level. They share messages, insights, pieces of advice, … with us. I just couldn’t be more grateful for that. That’s why I always shout out to my Rockstar community souls. They are AMAZING! 

There will be a section on the website open for all YOUR creative ideas. Drop us a line (even before the website launch) if you have any idea how we could collaborate and we’ll surely do our best to make it happen. We can’t collaborate with everybody, of course, but if what you’ve got resonates with us, we’ll be happy to do it! 

So many projects are on my mind that I feel I won’t have time for all of them, and the list keeps growing! But we’ll see what will happen. This covid situation slows us all down a bit (although I would say a lot) but it is what it is. 

So, if you’re open-minded; if you don’t find yourself in the mainstream box; if you enjoy simple pleasures; if you love nature; if you value freedom; if you are true to yourself; … you’re a Hell of a Rockstar! And I would love to have you in our community 🙂

Join the Black Rabbit Tea and send us a black heart (I love to receive one 🙂 ) or just hang there with us. 

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  1. Catrina says:

    Hi there!
    I love drinking tea – in fact, I’m drinking one right now!
    I was looking for an “About” page to see who you are. Are you selling tea?
    I’m not on Instagram, so maybe I don’t have the full picture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes dear, I do sell tea 😊 You can find us on Facebook as well… until the website launch I’m afraid those are the places to reach us 😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Catrina says:

        Ah, I get it! Looking forward to the website launch!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sure. I will announce it here as well 😊
        I’m sorry we can’t connect on socials as well 🙁 we share our story there daily

        Liked by 1 person

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