‘Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic!’

This is the mantra I have for you today. 

We get lost in the hustle, doing frantic things just to look busy. Have you found yourself caught up in this? I’m sure you did. Sometimes for sure! We always know what we need to do, every day, in our biz, in our life in general. But some days, we end up doing everything else but the things that will make us move forward. I want you to call yourself on this. Because it will move you faster towards your desires if you do. 

These days, it’s a full moon ‘season’. We can feel the vibe of it, putting a little bit of weight over our shoulders. Shake it off! Bring the awareness to the table and push stronger forward. Nobody lives on motivation constantly. There are days when we need to ‘force’ ourselves a bit. I don’t like to use the Force word, but it’s true, and it is what it is. We can handle it 🙂

Let’s sip some tea!

During the next few days, mint teas are completely in alignment with the stars. Find some meditations related to grounding and brew yourself a nice cuppa of Eucalyptus, Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sage, or Lemon Balm. 

In the Tea Program, you will find more herbs related to each day of the week. They are all balanced with our chakras, which will bring your inner state into a much more comforting place. If you do the whole work with journaling prompts, you should have breakthroughs that will lead you forward. 

Like I said above, we all KNOW what we need to do to get closer to our desires. What happens sometimes is just that we fall into a fog during everyday obligations. We don’t pay much attention to our inner self and eventually, we fall out of track.

But that’s not such a big deal, as long as we know how to get back. That’s why I’ve created this program (ALIGN YOURSELF WITH TEA). It’s a simple but so effective way to bring our natural magic on! Adding this new routine into life is easy, fun, joyful and I can’t express how much value is there in the outcome!

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic!

I’ll leave you with that reminder.

Have a beautiful weekend, lovely humans 🙂

And here’s the link to the Tea Program, if it resonates with you;




  1. Dragthepen says:

    Love my daily 🍵 tea time ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tea is best served with Love 🤍

      Thanks for stopping by dear!

      Liked by 1 person

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