Dear Diary readers,

yesterday I received a beautiful email that I wanted to share with you, because positive things should be shared to spread the magic on, right?! 😀

Well, let’s do it!

Like every other (or hopefully most) brand that cares about their improvement, send some kind of survey to their customers so they can track what needs to be changed, or if anything needs revisions. I wanted to know if people are happy with the orders they get and why do they stick with us. This helps me plan the next steps, for the future they will be joyful about, as well. I already talked about how this is not a brand that only sells tea, my purpose with it is much wider. I want people to feel ‘something’ (each has their own experience or interpretation of it) when they receive the order and use the goods later. That’s why there is not just tea, but also additional items that are different from most tea brands, for example;

Merch Shop – Here you can find t-shirts and hoodies that help us spread the word, the message, the jokes, and all other fun stuff.

Tea Syrups – Joyful sweet syrups for a magical sparkle in the cup of tea. Something that will bring you a distinctive experience of the blend you sip. We like to say it’s one tea in several ways! Because it is. With Tea syrups, you’re changing the aroma in your cup.

Herbal Baths Book – The book that supports the idea (and gives all the information) of using herbs for wellness. It’s not all just in the cup, something’s in the bathtub, as well.

Donations – We do donate money to those who are in serious need. By creating our ‘Tea for Life’ t-shirts, we managed to donate some amount to charity and we’ll continue to do so.

Tea Program – This is something on the higher level and we understand it’s not for everybody. It’s nothing woo woo, though 🙂 Here we are using carefully chosen teas for a state of mind. Because we do believe that it’s all in the energy and the state of mind we live in. 

There will be more great stuff, don’t worry, haha! But so far, I manage to pull these off completely. The projects that fell short, or I better admit, fell off fully, I’m not gonna talk about. I’d rather cry 😦 because they were sooo good. Still hope that the future will let me rebuild them…

Anyway, this is why I always encourage people to give feedback. That piece of your thoughts means a lot for the next moves, not just to me, but to anybody who’s in the creative biz. So whenever you would like to advise, approve or disapprove, whenever you agree or disagree, whatever you like or don’t like…feel free to leave a comment here or there, write an email, send a text (for those who have my number :D), shoutout… whatever, just let us know what we’re doing right or wrong. Trust me, Black Rabbit Tea can handle it! Constructive criticism or praise is always welcome.

And that’s why I’m sharing with you the testimonial I received yesterday. I made a screenshot and set it as a picture for this post. If you’re up to some spare time, give it a read. 

This woman caught up with us from the beginning. She’s that kind of community Rockstar who always gives us feedback. Oh, there were some critics, do not worry. But that’s what I was looking for, honesty. She and a lot of others like her helped me get through some rough stages of building this because they say what they mean. Shoutout to you, Black Rabbit Tea Rockstars!

For the rest of you who haven’t connected with us yet, Instagram is where we hang out for real and the most, so come and find us. You’re all so Welcome!

Black Rabbit Tea (@black_rabbittea) • Instagram photos and videos

Today (tonight, depending on where you are in the world) I want you to enjoy your sips, and take a look at the Merch Shop, Books, Tea Program, or just Teas. Maybe you’ll find some sparks 🙂

P.S. Drink Mint family tea today.

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