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The Align Yourself with Tea program officially was launched three weeks ago, so most people are in the second week of the journey. Cheers to you guys! I still have people catching up, and it’s there whenever you need it. The work should begin on Monday, no matter when you get it from me. Always start at the beginning of the week, for the best results (and you’ll see why).

Since I’m not gonna share the information about the people who are doing this program, I have permission to share their stories or some parts, because it will serve the others who are considering doing this for themselves. I love that they keep me posted. At the end of each week, I get a recap 😀 It’s amazing to watch the progress! 

Every week is different. You get several teas that you can choose to drink, different meditations, journaling prompts, and other supporting details. There’s nothing for you to brainstorm. Just sip your cuppa and enjoy the ride 🙂 

So, one of the amazing women, very dedicated and compassionate, started this mostly because she wanted to improve her sleep pattern. Irregular sleep is not something we should dismiss, because it can cause problems during our wake state later. If this is something you ignore for some time, it’s inevitable to become impatient, unorganized, anxious, then eating disorders show up, which later leads to gaining weight more easily, you become constantly tired…and so on. But nothing good comes from it. I admire that she was able to acknowledge the issue and start from there.

To be honest, this is not a magic pill that will solve your problems overnight. This is a tool that helps you improve areas of your life, but you also need to do it intentionally. And she did/does. After these two weeks, she already sees the difference.

Her sleep is better. She is more present with her kids. Her patience rises. Time is no longer of concern. 

It’s interesting…I think I talked about this in some of my previous posts…

It’s interesting what happens when we get out of that ‘I have no time’ zone. The whole perspective shift. We start to wonder ‘What made me think that I have no time?’ Ok, we also start to feel a little bit guilty because we realize how much time we actually lost and what could have been accomplished. The truth is, we rarely stop and question how’s possible that you and I have the same amount of hours a day (24h) and you manage to do a bunch of things and I’m struggling with just my To-Do list of essentials? I do agree that organization is the key, but that’s not all. Organizing your day/time with a scarcity mindset and from the point of abundance is completely different. That is the first thing that needs your notice. What’s your mindset?

The state of abundance is our natural state. And when we’re aligned that’s where we operate from. Just imagine how it would look like if you have no need to rush anywhere. When you finish all your daily tasks with ease, no stressing out, or no more procrastination. It’s also important how you manage your To-Do list. If you put a zillion stuff on it, of course, you will be frustrated from the start of your day. Here’s a simple ‘rule’ that I use, and I learned it from Zen habits here and there;

There should be three main tasks that are non-negotiable. Something that you really have to do. Write it down and draw a line under it. Now add up to three more tasks that are less important. You’re done for today. Your main To-Do list is set. Everything else that comes up you can move for tomorrow or still do it today if you feel like it. And don’t you dare to multitask! That’s the worst. Focus on one thing at a time. This will save you from rushing, making lots of mistakes, hardworking and overwhelming. 

But first, do the work from the inside. It all starts with us. 

Here’s the link to the program if it resonates with you or maybe somebody you know;

Align Yourself with Tea program

Or you can connect with me on the link below

The Cup of Diary blog (@thecupofdiary) • Instagram photos and videos


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