Here’s something people who are biz owners struggle with a lot. And here I’m talking mostly about indie businesses, not the commercial ones. These people are mostly artists or creative souls in some way. 

Should I give discounts or gifts? 

I haven’t had a moment of struggle with this when I was starting and still don’t. Because my vision is to always give more value. Think about it for a second… How do you feel when you purchase something and get a discount and how do you feel when you get an unexpected gift? Which one feels better for you? 

Whenever I need to make decisions for the brand, no matter what nature it is, I tune into how would I feel like a customer first. Does this feel right? Would I be happier with this or that? Based on those answers I move on to research and usually ask someone else for an opinion, as well. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective in these situations so other opinions could help. I always want people to feel good about the items they get, and not just consume them, but through the whole process. From the moment of order (or before) to the final point.

And I know they do because I get a lot of impressions all the time. 

Since Black Rabbit Tea is based on authenticity and the mission is to spread the magic (magic stands for a positive vibe, kindness, compassion, joy, freedom, nature, vitality, understanding, awareness, freedom of choice, creativity, and all the other soul led attitudes) there’s no room for ‘You should do this or that’, but ‘What’s in integrity with the brand?’ And that is why our magic works. That is why people behind the brand are happy to work on it as much as people who purchase from us. We enjoy together, both sides!

There will always be people who will recognize that and probably start to steal your ideas. That’s fine. The consumer will always recognize the difference, I’m not worried about it. You know why? Because those who steal from you will never be able to transfer your energy. Authentic stays authentic. They may have some results with your ideas, but that will also crash fast because they wouldn’t know how to keep up with it. I’ve seen them fall already, and that doesn’t scare me. To sustain that energy and have long-term results is to BE that energy. You can not give what you don’t have, right?

This is something I had in mind today for the Journaling, but I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic, as a creative owner or consumer… human before all 😀

What makes you feel better, discounts or gifts?

Gift Card



  1. Reblogged this on Time Traveler on the road of Life and commented:
    I think about almost everything I buy, weighing the cost vs the value. Those of us that have been poor will generally do that. As an author, I always think about someone stealing ideas, but unless they steal my manuscript it won’t be my story, just a carbon copy and not the original.

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    1. Thank you Time Traveler, I choose value over the cost, always


    1. Makes the heart beat louder, right?! 🙌🏿😁🙌🏿

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  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 I’d say “Gifts” because I Have More Money than I Know what to do with; so My Soul Satisfaction is Best Served by Paying Full Price perhaps even more, effectively a Tip…by Being Offered, Receiving and Accepting “Gifts” I Participate in a Fair Energetic Exchange where They Proffering ARE Often More Soulfully Satisfied than They Receiving resulting in The Building of Very Strong “Sustainable” Relationships; in the book ‘The Tipping Point’ Malcolm Gladwell Discusses Three Things that ARE NOT!!! Commercially Conventional but have Consequenced in Much Incredible Business Success, these Three Things ARE:

    1. Stickiness – The “Sustainable” Appeal of a Product or Service
    2. Propagation – Connectors and Soft Sales People Building Relationships
    3. Advocacy – Basically Free Sales and Marketing from Extremely Satisfied, Loyal Customers/Clients, Advocates who Advocate The Business through Advocating Recommendations to Family, Friends and Acquaintances or in fact, AnyOne They Encounter

    So, even though I AM NOT!!! a Black Tea Label Customer (yet 🤔 ?) I AM Experiencing an Urge to Go Forth and Spread The Gospel of Black Rabbit Tea; by Preaching its Virtues and Bigging Up The Management and Staff


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    1. I downloaded the book you recommended, will get to it hopefully today 🙏🏿 That’s the gift I’m talking about! You shared value with me, even if it’s not related to purchase at this point, it’s more than worth it. Thank you for that 🤍

      Let me know where you are in the world, I would love to send you some samples of Black Rabbit Tea blends 🤗 because I would love you to try it first, then spread the word about it.

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      1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome Black Rabbit Tea Lady; “where [I AM Physically] in the world” is a Hop, Skip and a Jump North from Antarctica, I AM so looking forward to Sampling My Gift a Late Birfday Pressie:

        PO Box 1227
        St Kilda
        VIC 3182

        … 💛💚💙…

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      2. Dear, I would need to connect with you either through social media or email for more details about the shipping, since we are on the different continents 😀

        Reach out @thecupofdiary or lilfuymish@gmail.com

        Thank you!

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      3. Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 Done


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      4. You are amazing, you know that ? 🤍✨🤍

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      5. Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 Seems to Me that YOU!!! ARE Seeing a Reflection of YOURSELF!!! Dear Black Rabbit Tea Lady, a Rare Gift InDeed; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Those Whose Behaviour is SomeWhat Lacking in the “amazing” stakes lay ALL The Blame on Others for Their Less than “amazing” Behaviour instead of Looking in Their Own 3DLife Mirrors, Sleeping Well and NOT!!! Constantly Questioning Why Others AVOID!!! Them


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      6. 🤔 you’ve got me thinking about this… We’re all mirrors of each other… We all find a part of us in others… My mirrors may not be crystal but they are clear, therefore you’re one of them 🤍

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  3. rachaelaiyke says:

    Unexpected gifts! 😂😂😂
    I mean, who doesn’t want a surprise once in a while?

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    1. Right?! It already feels better 😁

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  4. Rigozo says:

    Gifts for me.

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    1. Thank you 🤍 Sending you some magic vibe as an unexpected gift today ✨🤍✨


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