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For some reason, this Sunday was a great moment to write about something I said I’ll give more information about. Those of you who connected with me on social media already know about it, but still, let me add further details here as well.

It’s been about two months since I launched the Chakra Tea Program and I still feel like it was yesterday because so many people are continuously coming along to do this work for themselves. It’s great to see the results coming through! And not just that, connecting with those people on different levels is what makes it even more precious. 

If you still haven’t read my posts about this program, do that first, so you can catch up with a story 🙂

To make it easier for you, I’ll leave a link here;

ALIGN YOURSELF WITH TEA program – The Cup of Diary (wordpress.com)

This program is a tool, not a magic pill, and it’s important to be aware of the difference. It’s totally up to you whether you can keep yourself accountable to go through all 4 weeks and find breakthroughs along the way. You get all the instructions for each day, consisting of meditation, tea, and journaling prompts but you’re the one who needs to follow through. This is inner work that’s related to our outside world. Nothing Woo Woo, haha, just cleaning the energy and bringing some senses to awareness.

So, some of the people that went through the program were eager to go further and continue it. We then sit and discuss which issue would they want to work on. Restful sleep became our mission! 

It’s a great thing that this program is expanding like this, but I would still like to keep the basics first, the one that was originally made, 4 weeks, each day a different session. I stand by that one because it’s the work that helped many and I’m confident about it. The personalized programs (for me) are still in the trial. I test them around people I know, and those who already have been through the original program and want to explore more. It works, of course, but I just haven’t examined it enough that I could be confident about it and release it just like that.

Therefore, I still recommend going through the basics and signing up for the Chakra Tea Program first! 

I’m here if you need any more guidance or information, but before all, read these posts to get a bigger picture if you’re new to my blog;

Tea Programs – The Cup of Diary (wordpress.com)

The Program is now available on the website!

Follow the link below

Align your Chakras with Tea program | Black Rabbit Tea


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