Spring is finally here! We are so happy that all those foggy, rainy days are gone, and we can enjoy the Sun outside. Such a relief, after the whole past year in general. Feels like things are ultimately moving in a better direction. 

Yesterday, I grab a cup of Black Rabbit Tea’s blend (which I don’t do often, I must admit), Roll the Dice. Its sweet and minty aroma got me all in the clouds. I choose that one because it’s great even when it gets cold, and I brew a seriously big cuppa so I could stay out longer 😀 Besides tea, I also grab my dear friend to spend the sunny day by the river with. Since all the bars are still closed here, we had to sit out on the concrete or grass by the water, which we’ll do anyway, even if it’s all is open. There’s something more comfortable when you’re out in the wild, rather than sitting in a coffee bar. At least for us 🙂 

But not just that! Everybody had to do the same! The whole town was out together in the parks, by the rivers, in the woods… with their drinks, friends, and pets. It’s amazing seeing all those people smiling and enjoying nature! Feels like ages since that picture happened the last time 😀

Being in the fresh air makes us feel better already, and when we add the Sunshine and laughing squads all around, it just becomes even better! So much magic in the air… 

But I noticed one more thing… Nobody was on the phone! Yes, seems impossible these days, but looks like we’re getting back to the roots, where face-to-face conversations are more valuable than checking the phones. Big YES to that!

So, here’s the deal 🙂 I wanted to share with you a Tea recipe from my personal collection. I wish you make this one, grab your favorite friend and get outside if the weather lets you, if not, keep it inside, but have the best face-to-face chat with that person! Share some moments of joy, or just create new ones! 

It’s called ‘PINKIES UP’

Here’s what you’ll need for two 8oz cups:

1.5 spoon of dry hibiscus flowers

squeezed juice from 1 lemon

1 apple (cut in cubes)

4oz of oat milk

ice cubes

Brew hibiscus tea regularly (in about 10oz of water). Let it steep for a bit, no need to strain. Put all the ingredients in the blender (tea, lemon juice, apple, and milk). Mix it all well and then strain. Add ice. 

Serve and enjoy!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to hear your impression of this beverage!



  1. Kat Br says:

    “sit out on the concrete or grass by the water..” – I would love you! I hope soon! ❤ and thanks for sharing your recipe with us! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kat 😀 Feel free to sit out whenever you feel like, haha, end ENJOY! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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