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Before I dive in, I would like to answer the question I still get a lot and I would do that by leaving the link below​…

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Read this post above and if you still can’t catch up with the inspiration, then read a few more posts, because I wrote about focus and inspiration, and how the brain works in that direction… I hope you will find what you’re looking for on my blog, and if not, still don’t hesitate to connect. I would love to give you a little nudge in the right direction if possible. I get that nudge from others, and sometimes that’s all we need. So why wouldn’t I share the magic further?! 🙂

We all fall out of our tracks from time to time. That’s something that won’t change, haha, just a heads up! But it’s important to be open-minded, watch and listen around. Sometimes the tiniest moments or even one word could reveal such a big picture that we didn’t see before. Or that we forgot about. That’s why I cherish the quiet tea moments because there I could hear my thoughts and address them the right way. That’s why I cherish having a cup of tea with friends, there I could hear them better. 

And by saying that, I must now admit that my words, my wishes found the way to someone’s ears as well 🙂

The year before I was looking for a particular stone, crystal… actually it’s a tektite, that’s why it caught my attention. I don’t know much about crystals except that they hold special energies that affect our vibrational frequencies. Ok, I also know that they are part of the Earth, and if you wanna dig deeper, and analyze them under the microscope, you should find that each one of them has a (sacred) geometry structure. It’s like their DNA 🙂 

The one I was looking for was Moldavite. The ancient wisdom taught me that this stone wasn’t from the Earth, but it came from ‘the above’… I have no idea where from, but it’s an external source. It came down to earth and it’s not that easy to find the real one anymore. The resources are draining fast. If you look up the internet, you will find probably a lot of fake ones. The web is full of it. That’s why it’s hard to buy it online unless you have someone you really trust. But if you get a chance to attend some crystal fair, don’t miss a chance to meet the stones in person. It’s always the best option if you wish to purchase one.

I was lucky enough to find this one online and it’s still the real one. And that’s where this story begins. My friend bought it for me. That’s not all, it was a surprise! She heard my whispers about this stone and once the chance was right, she got it for me! Since they say that the stone finds you when you need it, not the other way around, I guess now is the right time for me to have it. A WONDERFUL gift, WILD feeling, AMAZING energy.

This one, though, is special. It’s not for everybody, because of the power it holds. Not everybody is ready for it, so please don’t rush away to buy it at any cause because it could be scary as hell. If you are interested in it, first research a little deeper all you can discover about it and then make your decision. That’s the best advice I could give.

I am so happy for having it! I am so grateful that it came to me the way it did! I felt the frequency I was only reading about right away! The craziest thing that day was when I started my yoga class, haha, felt like a roller coaster ride!

It’s an amazing tektite and very, very strong. But I do like it. Several days before it came to me, I felt like I need a serious vacation. With all the covid mess that’s been happening all year and my projects with the Black Rabbit Tea, although I do enjoy my work so much, I did feel a need for a break. But moldavite changed it all! The amazing rush of energy came through like it wiped away all the tiredness that I was feeling for days and lit up the fire again. I have more energy and, what’s even more important, I have better energy to work with! Yes, I would still love to hide on the beach for several days (who wouldn’t?! 😀 ) but I don’t need to.

New projects are coming up and I’m ready to walk them through with a cup of tea in my hands and a smile on my face.

Brew some cuppa for yourself, find some spare time and follow the Black Rabbit Tea on social media to catch up with amazing stuff and connect with the community, my dear Rockstars!

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Stay magic!

And let me know in the comments if you had experience with moldavite or some other stone. What does it do for you? I wish to learn more from people’s practices rather than just books 🙂


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