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ON A DATE WITH HOT NATURE – The Cup of Diary (


Like I said at the beginning of this year (not a resolution thing, but a decision), I’m up to rearranging things to be in my control, again. All my creations are getting back to my hands because that seems to work best. I put too much energy into everything I do and when I see that it’s used the wrong way, I pull it back. 

So, I decided to screw (sorry for the language) all the online resellers that sell my books and not pay any royalties. This is about my book ‘Herbal Baths’.

In the post I mentioned above you can read some more about it.

The book is great and it gives a lot of insights on how to take care of our body and mind with herbs mostly. And I’m standing firmly behind every recipe in it because I’ve tried it myself so many times and just Love the magic they bring!

So, let’s hit the news! 😀

From the day I made it I wasn’t happy with the cover and overall look of the pages. It was too dark, even for me, and I love dark. But this just didn’t fit the magic the book brings. So I rolled up my sleeves, catch some time and jump into the editing process. The result was Hell Yeah! I like the flow it has now, still keeping that edgy look that I love! And, there are no third parties anymore! 

The book can be purchased through the website directly, as a digital copy, fast and easy right to your inbox!

Hell Yeah!

It’s such a joy having this facelift edition 😀

I hope you guys will enjoy and benefit (the most!) from what’s inside.

Hit me on the link below 😉

Herbal Baths book | Black Rabbit Tea



  1. Corrie.S.P. says:

    I am making tea right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazing! After that head on to some Tea Bath to fulfill the feeling of joy ✨


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