Hope you spent a great weekend! I know for sure that some of you did πŸ˜‰ Well, hello Monday, the joy is not over yet!

The days of book editing are over and I feel refreshed. You know that wonderful feeling when something comes to completion πŸ™‚ It’s launched on the website (do not worry, I’ll leave a link to it at the end of this post if you’re interested in checking it out) and several copies are already found their way to some of you guys! Thank you for acting so fast, and not just bookmarking it for later! I hate when I do that because those are the tasks that never get to be done. I simply forget about it and miss so many valuable offers or content, whether it’s a book, online training, or something else…Β Do not be that person, do whatever needs to be done right now. That’s how we build a habit of not missing anything important to us. Yes, I’m still working on that habit a bit πŸ™‚

Well, the book is now on and my whole weekend went so damned well. Wonderful energy! Even the weather here is such a BS lately, pouring rain, and switching from warm to cold, and it should be sunny! Up high already, it’s the second part of April! Still, I have a little sunshine on my own, keeping it within myself and using it when it’s needed πŸ˜‰ Try finding that spark within you, it’s there, I promise!

So, on Sunday night, I’ve created a little celebration for myself and my facelifted creation πŸ˜€ I choose the Uplifting recipe. Not that another ‘lifting’ was required, but the clove… There’s clove in this one and I just had to dive into that divine, scented warm bath again! Pure magic! I must admit that I haven’t used it for a while. Detox, Sleepy Queen, and Anticell bath recipes are my regulars πŸ™‚ It was so refreshing now!

But, the bonus comes next!

Since I know that lighting candles in a room activate the energy around the whole space, how could I not do that, as well?! I have this big white candle that’s reserved for special occasions and Yup! this was it. Believe it or not, no music this time. I have no idea why, but it just felt that way. 

Here’s what happened next. I start getting so many ideas about new teas! My mental energy went so high bursting with ideas. Wow! I think I will need another tea shelf, hahaha. I already made plans about the next tea blends that will be launched but boy! this is a whole new level! The bad thing is that I didn’t have my notebook aside, the good thing is that I remembered most of them πŸ˜€ But you won’t see them that soon, sorry. This kind of brewing takes some time and the schedule is already full.Β 

This is just something quick I wanted to share with you because I rediscovered the power of the Uplifting bath recipe πŸ™‚ For me, the clove is the thing, but the rest of it does the trick, too.

If you got the book and tried any of the recipes, jump to the comments and share some thoughts with me, if you don’t forget, of course. And if you do, still, enjoy your baths, that’s more important πŸ˜‰

For those of you who would like to check it out, here’s the link to it;

Herbal Baths book | Black Rabbit Tea

Thank you guys for following the blog, purchasing the products, and connecting! You’re another level of Rockstars! Seriously! And this blog is only a few months old! You’re amazing!

Enjoy your activated week πŸ˜€



    1. Back to you, dear! 🀍✨🀍


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    1. Hahaha, take what you need ✨

      Thank you! 😁


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