Let’s make this Wednesday about roots.

Living deeply under the ground, soaking up minerals from the Earth, roots are precious! Do not forget that.

And the one I love the most is Ginger. It has a kind of peppery and sweet taste but its benefits… I’m not sure I can name them all. It was first used in India (and China) for a long time as a medicine for various conditions. Then, after the rest of the world heard about it spread all around. It still mainly grows in India, China, and Jamaica, but you can purchase it anywhere. 

Always choose the one with a bit shiny coat (once you see it you will know it), because it’s more hydrated which means that you’ll get more ginger juice from it. But what’s even more important, peel off the coat before using it. Although there are some good and bad bacteria on the ginger’s skin, you still don’t know which one it is, so it’s always better to remove it. You can also store it in a fridge for some time, about two weeks if you don’t use it all right away. 

The amazing thing I’ve discovered is ginger syrup. If you have a sore throat, this one will be your big helper! Grind some with honey and if you can’t take it raw, add it to your favorite tea. Trust me, ginger goes well with almost any tea! And since you mix it with honey, it won’t be that spicy, but rather sweet. No way you won’t love it!

Besides its strong smell and taste, what’s great about this root is that it’s filled with minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and terpenes. This is a must-have at home. Squeezing ginger juice and mixing it with lemon makes another cool beverage, good for cold as much as for hot days. Drop a bit of ice and you’ll have a perfectly refreshing summer drink! 

The following piece of advice may be interesting for your next trip… 

When we were kids, my brother always felt nauseous when we traveled. We hit the road, excited to get to our destination, and then had to stop here and there until he felt better. Later, we gave him sleeping pills so he doesn’t suffer during the long ride, but what we didn’t know is that ginger can solve this problem! Brew some ginger tea before you hit the road. It will calm the stomach and symptoms of nausea. Such a relief!

For me, if there’s no ginger in the house, there’s no Sunshine!

At night, ginger and vanilla tea really soothes me, and I love it just before bedtime. But for a daily version, I enjoy Spooky Nights from the Black Rabbit Tea, especially on these spring days, because one of the ingredients is carrot. Carrot is full of beta-carotene, which is a great girl’s friend when it comes to getting some ten 😉 Ok, I’m spending a lot of time in front of the laptop or phone, so another thing I get from carrot tea is protecting my eyes. As I mentioned that now, I should probably mention another blend, as well, the Black Pumpkin. This one is made with (obviously) pumpkin. 

Both are great daily blends. I do not recommend drinking them at late hours, because they contain black tea (caffeinated), so you may have trouble sleeping if you’re sensitive to caffeine. Of course, these amounts are much smaller than the coffee, but still…

You can check more about these blends on the website and see for yourself if it’s something that would fit you 🙂 I’ll leave links here.

Spooky Nights | Black Rabbit Tea

Black Pumpkin | Black Rabbit Tea

And let me know, which one is your favorite root? 🙂



  1. Rosalind says:

    how much cbd oil for migraines


    1. Hey Rosalind,
      you can find all the information about CBD teas on the website 🙂
      Pure CBD tea is best for migraines, besides the others.


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