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Today, I was tuning into what to write about. I gave myself a nice day off, enjoying the Sunday just like I love it. I even posted this inspo question on my social media, to see what you guys want to read about, and instantly I had this feeling of giving… So I knew what I want to do…

I’ve decided to share with you some creative and so wonderful people that I’ve collaborated with recently. It’s not that just their art left an impression on me, but their souls as well. Such a creative, fun, warm and welcoming human beings 🙂

So now I will tell you a little more about each one of them and how you could support them. Every artist in this world needs support, but people sometimes forget that, which is why I would like to invite you to check them out, see what they’re creating, follow them on social media, or if you can, purchase their art! If you have some interesting collaboration ideas, get in touch with them for that kind of project, as well. Connect! I’m happy to see people interacting creatively! 

The world needs more of that magic!

Here’s the story about Manya Sharma; Manya is a tea enthusiast. She enjoys tea so much that her art is all about it. She paints tea bags and spreads them through the world! Manya comes from India and by profession, she is a Chemical engineer. How fun is that?! I’d thought that she would be working on new tea strains, but instead, she paints tea bags 🙂 You can check her work on the WP blog ( Investeagator ). If you would love to follow her tea journey on social media, make sure to follow her Instagram page ( @inves_tea_gator). This wonderful soul created a few designs for the Black Rabbit Tea Shop, T-shirts, and mugs.

I’ll leave a link at the end of this post where you can see what these artists did for our collaboration! 

Rockstars, right?! 😉

The next story is about Katarina Brett. Katarina has exceptional creative skills. She’s a photographer from Serbia, but not a conventional one, keep reading to see where’s the catch 🙂 Her work is based on using everyday objects to which, through post-production, she makes a completely new, surreal dimension. Like she says, exploring darkness makes her recognize the light. But you must see these transformations, it’s not enough that I put it in words. You can follow her on social media ( @sta_sve_oci_vide ) where you’ll find a process for each project, and discover her mystical, creative world. 

The next artist on this list is Nela Djukic, a conceptual artist from Banja Luka. Nela is a wild soul! Her energy is so…soft but dominant? Haha, I’m not even sure how to put it to sound right. I think wild is the right word 😀 She finished the Academy of Arts in France and then came back home to pursue her love for painting. Besides the art, Nela loves to chill in nature, with a cup of tea, and she’s a huge cat lover. Find her on Instagram under the handle @nloartconceptual, or @radnicka.klasa , to meet her better.

I had fun working with these ladies! 

And I would love you to check what they’ve created for our Artists Collab project!

Here’s the link to the website where you can see their work under the Merch and Mugs sections. 

Home | Black Rabbit Tea

Keep connecting! Together is a lot more fun than a solo act 🙂



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    1. Without Art the Earth would be just an Eh… 😁 Thanks Time Traveler ✨

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