Well hello, Summer!

We’ve been dealing with serious heat for the past few days and it doesn’t seem it will end soon. 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the city, but the real deal is the city center, where the temperature goes up to 50C! Carrying a bottle of water with you is just not enough… hiding in the shadows is also not enough… skipping the traffic and taking a walk is certainly not even a consideration! We don’t have enough green areas to save us from this, at least for a moment, concrete is everywhere.

I’m not trying to put you down by this, haha, it is what it is. There are still ways to make refreshments for ourselves, ten times a day, but hey! better anything than nothing, right?!

So, using some teas with cooling properties could help regulate body temperature. I don’t advise that you drink hot tea on summer days, but a warm cuppa will certainly help you cool off. Ice tea, like any other ice drink, will have the same benefit on the body temperature as ice water. It will drop the body temperature for a moment, then it will go back up. Because with iced drinks on a very warm day, we shock the body. Warm drinks help us reduce that extra heat and balance back to our normal body temperature.Β 

No, you won’t feel like you jumped in a pool, but you will handle the heat much easier, that’s a fact. Since we’re still all different, I suggest you find your way of doing it right. By that I mean, let it cool a bit and see how it fits for you. Next time let it cool a bit longer if that’s what would feel better. Also, if you want to speed up the cooling tea process, you can always drop a few ice cubes in the cup, while the tea is still hot and try it that way. Play with this and find what matches your taste (and body, before all) best.

Let’s jump to those cooling teas now πŸ™‚ Let that be our pool! (I like salty waters better, though)

The most common herbs for summer days are from the Mint family. If you experience a headache from the heat, Peppermint may be your best choice. Whether you make it warm or cold, it will help your body calm and reduce the temperature.

Hibiscus is the next Hell Yeah! It helps eliminate collected heat in the body, as well as lifts the mood. We tend to get goofy when it’s too hot… These days I like it mid-warm, almost cold. It still has a strong aroma and in combination with mint, it gives the sensation of extra freshness. Here I would suggest two blends from the Black Rabbit Tea that bring this effect perfectly, Roll the Dice or Rabbit Boost. You can check them on the next links:

Roll the Dice | Black Rabbit Tea

Rabbit Boost | Black Rabbit Tea

Something that’s new to me this summer is a collection of CBD teas. I say new because I haven’t tried hemp tea on such warm days before, but I could not go wrong with this one! In the morning it clears my mind and prepares me for the day (it’s 32C at 7 am! and trust me, it works). During the day it has the same effect, but at the night, it feels just like dropping my warm feet into the pool mentioned above πŸ˜€ So, so, so refreshing! And I drink it warm all the way.

Rose petals. The one that used to help me go through summer days, now just doesn’t work… Don’t get me wrong, try it still, because it does have cooling properties, and it’s also a mood lifter, but for me right now is not such a good fit. Like I always say, we are all different and we react to things differently over a period of time. Maybe next year rose petals will be my summer love again! Who knows?! πŸ™‚

Chamomile, another tea that I love only in the evenings, or before bed rather than during the day, but still, it will calm the body inside and help you eliminate that heat. When we are too hot we also tend to get nervous and raise our body temperature a little bit more, so drinking herbs that have a calming effect anyway will help for this matter, too. 

Next one, Nettle. Nettle is an amazingly nutritive herb and has cooling properties. It goes great with a slice of lemon, whether you drink it warm or cold. It has a strong aroma that will stick with you for a while…which is a good thing πŸ™‚ Here I can recommend the new Moonly tea, from the Black Rabbit Tea herbal collection. It was made intentionally for the summer days. You can check that one as well on the next link:

Moonly | Black Rabbit Tea

There are more available options of herbs that have cooling properties, but these are the most common and easy to get from your local store. Also, try skipping tea bags and go for the loose-leaf, if you’re purchasing in the hipper market. If you’re buying teas from someone you trust, then choose what you like better πŸ™‚

Wish you all cool and refreshing rest of the day, evening, or morning…whenever this post finds you πŸ™‚

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