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I’m not being creative with this title because this is not a matter of creativity but awareness… Oh, don’t be scared, I’m bringing the good news, still πŸ˜€

Lately, my inbox gets filled with variations of one question ‘Which slim tea can you recommend?’

I’m confused… I believe like attracts like, and so far I’ve been attracting so many amazing people that had no issue like this. Then I remembered that I wanted to gain some weight lately… maybe that got something to do with this manifestation πŸ™‚ Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with trying to lose weight! But I hold you all educated enough to know that one tea, one juice, or one special meal won’t get you the results you want.

What needs to happen is to check on your habits. That’s mostly (if we are not talking about a serious medical condition that needs special treatment) where everything starts and ends. You are amazing! Don’t forget that! I always admired people who are a bit overweight and still feel precious in their bodies. I actually never ‘experience’ people by their physical look, but the energy they bring to the table, the soul that’s inside. So, you’re all beautiful to me, as long as you’re authentic πŸ™‚ Don’t lose that.

Now, let’s get back to tea.

Any tea, trust me, any tea will support you with this issue. Because all herbs contain molecules that regulate our body functions. Besides that, it’s also important that you drink warm teas because warm water helps especially the digestive system. Drink it during or after the meal, except green tea. Green teas can decrease iron absorption so it’s always good to drink it two hours after you eat, or before, but not during the meal. The next thing is that you buy loose leaf teas, not tea bags that can be filled with aromas and honestly, a lot of dust tea. You want real tea leaves that will benefit your body, not just a beverage on the go. At Black Rabbit Tea we fill our bags with loose leaves, as you see in the pictures. We use dust herbs for cooking or smoothies because throwing them away would be heartbreaking for us. 

Please note that we live in a world of marketing where people will say anything (some of them without any shame!!!) just to get us to buy their product. I wish for you to question the labels (seriously, mine or anyone else’s). Get what you need from the ones that come from good attention, not just profit. Get what you came for. Claim it.Β 

Of course, we all pay for the product, people on the other side live from that. That’s ok. Of course, sellers have to market it, how else would we know about it? And that’s ok. They will also put attractive offers. All good. But they (we all) have to tell the truth. There will be mistakes, please have that in mind, people make mistakes. I saw some price quotes or descriptions misleading on my website, that’s ok, shi*t happens πŸ™‚ It can all be corrected. Be compassionate about that. If you see the deal or product that you want, but something feels off about it, email the seller, ask them to give you further information. That’s totally ok. And then decide if that fits for you or not. We can not blame them if the price is too high, for example, it’s their right to charge the product by their calculations. We don’t have to buy it if it’s too much for us. But lying about the product should be completely out of anyone’s standard! Right?!

Today I saw a post about some Slim tea that makes you lose enormous weight in 14 days just by drinking it. Seriously?! I was shocked! Let’s assume that that’s true… Do you know what actually, in a real-life, happens? It must be a pure diuretic that doesn’t even let you eat anything in 14 days. Can you imagine how (un)healthy that could be? Can you be in your high vibe after that? Can you even look better when you drain out all the nutrients from the body and not let anything in? I will leave you to your own conclusion for a second…

Please guys, please, please, please don’t fall for this. 

Here’s the truth: There’s NO magic pill for anything! (unless silicone boobs πŸ˜€ You can surely get that in a second… with a lot of money :D) But, if you have a real sense like I hold you as, if you’re caring and acting responsibly to your body and mind, then you already know this. People mostly gain weight for two reasons: They are either going through something emotional or they are lazy to keep their habits in control (which can also be emotional). There’s the third part and that’s because of some medication treatment, but we’re not talking extremes here.

The good news here is that it’s all in our hands!

Check your emotions and clean what needs to be cleaned.

Check your habits and change what needs to be changed.

Or check with your doctor to see if there’s an issue you need treatment for.

Hey! We’re doing this for ourselves! It’s just gonna feel hard at first until we calibrate to the new thing, but then we will give ourselves a big Hell Yeah! for being disciplined enough to reach the goal. You can check some of my older posts where I give some tips on How to make things easier for yourself, speaking of changing habits πŸ™‚

Now get your beautiful cup of tea, enjoy your body, and have an amazing day!

The link to my website is here, if you see any misleading, please let me know!

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