Do you know what’s the number one thing that gets us somewhere, or gets us nowhere?

I asked many people this question and the most common answers are:


Hm… I gave it another thought and still, I must admit that I can not agree with any of it. Yes, these are ‘the devil’s little helpers’ 🙂 but they all come later. I believe that our energy is the number one thing that leads the way. 

A long time ago I got bored of the phrase ‘Think positive thoughts’. It always sounded shallow to me. Right, you just think positive and everything will be fine… Then I start digging deeper and deeper until I found what I was looking for. It’s about the beliefs. Our thoughts create our beliefs, beliefs create emotions, and there you go, for a split of a second, we create, or could create the wrong perspective and kill our true vibrations, our energy. Yes, it’s that easy. So thinking positive thoughts actually means creating beliefs that favor you. Just having it on our mind is not enough, we have to feel it in order to manifest the thing we want.

Getting caught into motivation is a very short road. Motivation comes in short waves. I always make sure to use it in the best possible way, but I’m also aware that it will be gone and I should proceed alone, haha. I’m sure every one of you ever had or has that one friend who’s there only on her/his terms, always busy, always in some hustle, but from time to time you find some space to catch up and spend a marvelous couple of hours together. Well, motivation is that kind of friend 🙂

Opportunities… I believe that’s something we create. My friend would say now ‘But I haven’t done anything, and the door just opened today…’ Yes, you did. Maybe not today, maybe not yesterday, but many days before that you don’t even remember, but you did. You asked for it, you took some action towards it, you send your vibes to it and now, you allowed it to come to you. There could also be obstacles on our way. Sometimes when the opportunity comes we just don’t recognize it. It could be ego, it could be that we’re just not ready to take it, so we dismiss it… It’s ok. If it’s for you, no one will take it, it will come again 🙂 You just keep your energy in the flow.

Relationships… I put it in the same bucket as opportunities. Somebody can draw you into something, but it’s still up to you to climb the ladder. It’s up to you to walk that walk.

Money… Money is just a form of exchange. It’s just a currency. People used to trade food for clothes, water for passage, or even tea! Tea was once a form of currency, just like silver or gold… So I see money as a form of energy exchange. If it flows to me I know I’m in alignment with what I do, if it gets stuck, I know there’s something that needs to be released, and removed from the way so I can get back to alignment and it could flow to me easily. 

Back to the start, our energy is what draws our desires in or pushes them away.

I’ve walked this many times that I can be certain about it now. And that’s something we constantly need to be working on. If you don’t know where to start, I can offer you my program, Aligned Chakras with Tea program, which will bring you so much clarity. That’s a great start. Without clarity, we can not move because we don’t know where we’re going. It’s available for almost six months now and I’m not taking it away because so many people got amazing results, and every week we celebrate the wins together! It’s a four weeks program that takes about 20 min of your time a day. That’s the least we could do for ourselves, right? But again, it’s all up to you.

Check it out at the link below and if it resonates with you, opt-in before you change your mind again and let those opportunities pass by 🙂 No time is allowed to be wasted in my world.

Align your Chakras with Tea program | Black Rabbit Tea



  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 YES!!! EveryOne; it’s THIS!!! ^^^

    … 💛💚💙…

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    1. 🦋✨Only the energy✨🦋

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