This is just a quick check-in. 

The wild ride that’s happening right now in my biz keeps expanding and I’m trying to cope with all that. Such massive gratitude for it! 😀

But hey, I wanted to share some quick insights with you because I believe it may serve you;

First things first, I finally managed to hack the spam comments that were driving me nuts! Here’s what I did; Every time the spam comment shows up I block the user and delete it. Of course, they keep coming back from other addresses, but I keep blocking them. After a week it stopped! Now they show up here and there, maybe one comment in several days and that’s it. I used to get up to 30 spam every day. It was frustrating for me! So if this is something you struggle with on your blog, here’s your tip. And let me know if that works for you, as well.

Then, I’ve been getting a lot of wonderful insights from people who went through the Alignment program. So happy for them! I see them moving forward in their biz as well as in personal life. Celebrating you guys! And thanks for keeping me posted! 😀 That’s just the power of the group (community) !!! It’s amazing seeing people move toward their goals and easily remove what’s keeping them stuck. And not just that, with this program, they move a lot faster! Just wonderful! 

P.S. If you haven’t tried this yet, here’s the link;

Align your Chakras with Tea program | Black Rabbit Tea

Now, I wish to remind you about the gift I have for you. The chance to get it will expire soon, so you may want to get on it right now! Check it out on this blog;

WooHoo! Pouring Gifts to you! – The Cup of Diary (

And last, but not least, the new tea blend Take a Break is starting to have an expansion because we’re back to high temperatures again (I hold that as the main reason :D). Yup, it’s burning all around! If you haven’t checked that out yet, here’s the link;

Take a Break | Black Rabbit Tea

Running back to my tasks now… I know, it’s Sunday, but hey! When you enjoy the work, it doesn’t matter which day it is, right? 😀

Have a wonderful end of the weekend, or the start of a new week, depending on when this post finds you 🙂

Remember to Have Fun!



    1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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