This is something people in the biz don’t talk about…

Cleaning the desk and changing the sheets time has come. As our biz grows, we grow with it. Of course, that will happen, that’s totally normal! If nothing else, we’re facing new stuff from time to time that requires us to evolve. And if we find ourselves stuck in the same old circle of situations, we may want to stop and check what’s keeping us there. 

You may ask yourself ‘Do I enjoy what I’m doing?’ 

Because usually, the answer to this question is the first step that will lead us to a breakthrough. The next question you may ask yourself is ‘What am I afraid of?’ People like to keep their heads stuck in the sand, trying to wrap their thoughts around how to do this, instead of being honest, but truly honest to themselves and admitting that they may be afraid of failure or even success. Yes, some people are also afraid of succeeding! If you’re taught that successful people are greedy, selfish or whatever negative belief you have around it, you may want to release that. It’s only your belief that makes you think you will become one of them. 

On the other hand, you may think that successful people work hard. They do, on themselves 🙂 But try to connect this thought with the first question. Is it hard to do/work on something you feel joy about? That’s right.

This will all lead to my suggested next question; ‘What am I doing toward my desire? What action do I take?’ 

I was that person who spent more time in her head than actually taking action steps. I needed to analyze everything, to think it through, to get ready for it before I make any move… The best thing that explains this is Procrastination. And that’s completely true. Until I started taking action nothing was moving. Until we move, nothing moves.

‘Can’t start a fire crying in the rain’

This is the cycle that goes on. Changes are required to keep the momentum at its highest level. Which is why I’ve decided to make some room cleaning on the website as well 🙂 New stuff is coming up!

Well, until then, here’s the deal;

If you find yourself overthinking, procrastinating, or unmotivated… don’t let that brilliant idea pass you by! Take a one-click and browse through our black teas (or others you like) and see that wasting time going away. Because black tea raises the energy, clears the mind, and lifts the spirit.

Here’s the link:
Home | Black Rabbit Tea

No morning will be the same…

And if you want to go a little deeper with these questions, you may want to check out this Alignment program:

Align your Chakras with Tea program | Black Rabbit Tea

P.S. You can also use code #MAGICTEAS at the checkout to get yourself a treat tea discount 😉

Enjoy the weekend! 


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