So, yes, new stuff came out yesterday!

We needed to refresh our Merch Shop this summer, so we did it 😀

To be honest, Merch was on my radar when I was starting this brand, because I wanted to spread the message wider. That’s how the idea for T-shirts came to life. After that people start to pour their wishes to make mugs so they can have the full Black Rabbit experience 🙂 I said Yes! Of course, haha. How can I let you down in something you will enjoy. Even I drink from that mugs although I prefer cups for tea. But hey, I allow changes to come in.

That’s how the Merch Shop was born. On the other hand, the brand itself was inspired by underground punk rock bands, so it kept that style. Punk rock and Tea? Yes, in an open-minded, creative world anything is possible. 

P.S. I just proved that! So don’t be afraid to spill your vision out there, too! Be open, be creative, and most of all, be authentic!

People recognize that, you can’t fool anybody. If we just take someone’s idea and hide behind it like it’s our own, we will fall flat, sooner or later. Besides, it’s just not cool to do that. So be brave and let it out the way you feel you want it to be. You will have all the support you need, trust me.

We also added organic shopping bags, because we made some for ourselves, and then it was just a curious idea if you would love it, too 🙂 We shall see…

Now, don’t be afraid to take a look at what we made here 🙂 We’ve been sweating in projects this summer so much, haha. And don’t worry, there will be more teas coming soon!

Here’s the link to the Merch Shop

Enjoy the week ahead!



  1. Punk rock and tea definitely go together in my book, your merch looks fab well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear! 🤘🏽 Pls give us the link to your book, I would love to check it out 🖤


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