Powerful days are made of herbs πŸ™‚

It happened many times that people who don’t really like tea change their minds and order some, just for a chance to try it out. I’m amazed when this happens! This is why we keep samples on the website, so you can try them before the purchase of a bigger box.

But what’s even better is that every single one of them came back for more. It’s not just about our teas (or it is…) but it’s about the tea itself. Those wonderful leaves fuel you so magically, so powerful, so blissful… and I’m always happy to see people are willing to add them to their daily routine.Β 

No, you don’t have to get rid of coffee, we love coffee too! But the real change happens when tea leaves are present in the day. I can now brag about it for hours, but until you try it yourself you won’t believe me, or anybody, I’m very aware of that πŸ™‚

So, grab your shoes and walk to the nearest store, choose some nice tea for yourself and watch the magic happen! For some of you will happen right away and for others, it will take several days, but it will happen for all! And that’s what matters.

Now, I see people mostly have problems with sleeping… I can suggest some herbs that will definitely calm your mind and put you in a sweet dream. You can start with chamomile, as the most common one you can easily find anywhere, but if you need something stronger, go with lavender or hemp. 

There are more herbs that are great for this matter, but again, these are the most common ones. 

On our website, you can choose Bunny’s Sweet Dreams or CBD Freak, which turned out to be the most wanted choice so far.

Here’s the link to these herbal blends;

Let me know what makes you sleepy at night. What is your before-bed routine? πŸ™‚



    1. Thanks for sharing dear 🀍✨🀍


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