Hey my dear WP’s!

I haven’t been writing for a while because I got caught up in million new things that are happening. We’re making some organizational changes at the Black Rabbit because we wanna be fully prepared for the new coming season. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that tea is a wonderful beverage only for cold weather, so we are on a mission to change that. In order to have a healthy body and mind, in order to keep our immune system strong all year round, tea is definitely the habit we should make non-negotiable for a day. Just like we brush our teeth every day, make the bed (ok, not everybody does that, haha), take a shower or some other automated habit that we have, drinking at least (at least!) one cup of tea a day can save you a lot of troubles.

It’s beneficial on so many levels!

But, I have noticed lately that people’s energy got so low… and I wonder, why music is not that much present in their lives? I know the world got a little (or too much, if we’re being honest) out of control, but that’s an even greater reason to do things that feed our soul. Hey! We’ve got to fuel those batteries inside. I choose music because that’s just my personal remedy for everything, but I wish everyone finds what lights them up and definitely does more of that. The world ain’t going anywhere, but we’ve got to keep walking.

I did my homework and put my two non-negotiable tasks on my daily list; Listening to music and Mindfully drinking tea. I wanted to add reading as well, but I do so much reading and learning during the day that it would feel like task over task ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s your Soul Feeding non-negotiable daily task? 

Let me know in the comments!

And before you go, I have more wonderful news! We just launched our new Tea – Mr.Dandy. If you’re still a coffee lover, this one is specially made for you. It smells and tastes like a magical cup of coffee! I’ve tried to explain it in words many times but just couldn’t find all the right ones. Sorry, you will have to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll leave a link below so you can read more about it if you’re interested;

I’ll go pour my tea now (I’m drinking CBD Freak tonight) and play some rockin’ music before I call off the day ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to your Soul Feeding ideas in the comments!


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