I have a bummer topic for today… I do hate this one, but a lot of people asked me this question because they see what’s happening, so I guess I should blog a bit (my thoughts) about it.

I have a wonderful connection with people who are either already running their brands or just starting. But most of them are afraid of one thing – ‘What if others start to copy my work?!’ My basic and reality check answer to that is simple ‘They will!’. And that’s true. If you’re good at what you do, they will certainly steal something from you, if not all (for the really brave scammers). But here’s the shiny side of the coin ‘They can not steal your energy!’ Never! 

I wasn’t afraid of this before, wasn’t much even thinking about it until people who follow my work started to send me messages like ‘Hey, this person is doing this like you, this brand took your concept, this one made the same labels’ etc… Ok, I had a moment to think about it and still decide not to do anything but keep going my way. They will never be able to catch my magic. And I know that people on the other side feel that. I do feel annoyed for a second when someone does that because I think it’s rude, if nothing else, and I don’t like rude people. Rude people are usually uneducated, scared, or hurt. Each one of these could be worked through, and if it’s not, then they are just lazy to work on themselves. So I don’t give credit for that. 

What happens when you mimic someone else’s work or steal ideas?

By doing this you will always be off the track, falling into frustration and forcing something that’s just not working. You may have some small wins, but not in a long run. People feel it, you can not fool them. Now you’re attracting the same people in your circle, the ones who will copy you tomorrow. If that’s what you want, brilliant, you’ve made it! But if you want long-lasting results for your brand, then I think you’re not shooting for the right star. 

I fight for authenticity because I know what it takes to be authentic out there. I support tremendously people who stay in integrity with their authentic work because I know how much courage hides behind the scene. So why would I give credit to someone who just went online, stole some ideas, and trades them as their own? Why would I give credit to someone who’s too lazy or just doesn’t care to work through their own BS but hide behind someone else’s creations? Why would I, or anyone? We are not doing them a favor by supporting them, we’re doing them a disservice. I’d rather support them in giving their best and failing, but pushing themselves through and eventually finding that true voice. They will certainly become better persons, better creators, and the world needs more of that kind of people.

Honestly, I get sick when I see how easy is for people to just take what they don’t own and go with it as nobody will notice! Hey, hello! We’re not sheep! Haha… I actually feel sorry for them, now when I think about it. They will never be able to feel that true joy from the moment when inspiration hits to the moment it comes to a realization. It’s a process of growing, expanding, experimenting, rising, and falling. And it’s beautiful! 

We are all different, all unique, now imagine what would the world look like if we all release our true potential? Just imagine…

I’m leaving this here for you guys in case you may need some motivation to always go with your authentic story. There are always enough people on the other side who want exactly what you have to offer, the very unique way to you. 

I would also love to support you on your mission! So let me come find you, leave a handle to your social media and let’s connect. 

You can find me on these two:



Or, just follow the link to the website;

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Have an authentic weekend and stay true!


    1. Thanks for sharing Corrie 🖤


      1. Corrie.S.P. says:

        No problem. Thanks for posting!

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  1. Corrie.S.P. says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I agree with everything you said!

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