What I’ve learned drinking roasted dandelion tea…

The first time I made it, I was curious, just wanted to taste that tea that smells like coffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect. From my previous experience, dandelion tea has a bit of a bitter taste and I like to blend it with other herbs to get a more delicious beverage. But roasted dandelion… a whole new story!

My God! I was in love at the first sip! 

The aroma that was coming from the mug was reminding me of those old coffee grinding places. I used to walk by one each time when I was going back from school, just to smell it one more time and carry that essence all day with me. Freshly grind coffee … there’s some magic in it.

This tea became my coffee substitute… Ok, not really a substitute, more like I add it to my day besides coffee, haha, but I do skip the afternoon cup for this one. And the best part is that I can drink it during the night as well, making no harm to my sleep. This is herbal, caffeine-free tea, so it’s safe to enjoy it day and night.

But besides my Love for this beverage, dandelion root is filled with fibers and proteins, so by drinking it, we are also adding some nutrients to the body. Which is a wonderful thing! Health and joy packed in one. Or I could address this as immune system support… whichever resonates best. And since we’re at the health benefits, I like to add one more, even the biggest one; 

Dandelion root is good for the digestive system, especially a big liver keeper! 

I find that this tea works best for me after the meal. I guess it helps the food digest better and leaves me with that light feeling. But of course, this may not be true for everybody. I believe we are all different, which is why I was never adherent of ‘one size fits all’ diets. Everybody is different, has different needs and approaches. Eating 10 small meals a day could never work for me, or fasting for several days. My stomach may handle that, but my mind would be broken, and I tend to keep them both happy 🙂 So far that works wonders!

Back to the roasted dandelion tea, I wish to hear from you if you tried it, what is your experience? Are you in Love with it as much as I am? 🙂

And if your stash ever gets low, here’s the link to the website. Black Rabbit Tea has made a wonderful roasted dandelion tea called Mr.Dandy :);



  1. Tea is my fav..less caffeine than coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ☺️
      Which tea you love the most ?


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