There is some interesting stuff that crossed my mind…

I have a cat that I adopted when she was so little, she had like a month… As animals grow they learn from their parents and older brothers and sisters everything that’s crucial for their survival; how to hunt, hide, play, jump, eat, and take care of themselves in general. 

This one hasn’t met her mother or other family members, still, she knows all that. Their genes and instincts are rooted deep. Because they’re connected with their nature.

This is the message that I’ve embodied in my brand. This is something (especially nowadays) that should be our basic. Why do we never learn this first thing in school? How to be (and stay) connected with our nature?! With things we need, with things we want, with how we act … that’s all basics. And I truly believe that we would function much better as a society if we go back to our roots, to our inner self and values. 

We live in a strange time. 

This is why I cherish the practice of mindfulness, meditation, drinking herbs, and wellness. Activation of the mind and body lies in awareness. Only when we bring something to awareness we’re able to change it.

Reconnect with your nature, with your truth, not the social norms.

P.S. This link may help you with that;

Align Your Chakras Program


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