Hell Yeah, my dear diary readers!

I have a new wonderful post for you this week 🙂 I say it’s wonderful because it may be of service to those of you who are running the creative biz. At least it may leap some questions about which way are you heading… And for sure I would love to know what you think about this…

Black Rabbit Tea spontaneously started participating at the open market where we sell our teas with many others who craft their products. The first time I was invited to attend this manifestation I was thrilled! Because I know the kind of energy that happens there. So many creative people in one place, that itself, can’t go wrong. And it didn’t! It was really amazing!

So, the next time I was about to go, I asked my friend (who’s running a jewelry brand) to come to participate with us, it would benefit her brand as well. The response I got was that she sees Black Rabbit Tea as a premium brand that shouldn’t be participating in open market manifestations but to keep it online only or in selected stores. The Hell?! I felt the rush of such a big ego at that moment! Her ego, not mine. I do not agree with this at all! 

The brand is made in the manner of service to the people. That means that it should get to as many people as possible, to bring awareness of how important such a beverage as tea is in our everyday lives. Therefore I’m wide open to show it off anywhere! I was never about to make a mainstream brand, I was never about to keep some corporate policies, and I was never about to put myself, my team, or the brand above anyone! We’re in this together. We build this simply by connecting with people. And that is why we scale so fast. We have products of value and people recognize that. 

I love the way we do it. I love those who become our true customers. I love the connection we make. I love the amazing community of Rockstar tea drinkers that we create!

And here’s the shortest list of things that we’ve experienced in that market;

1. People came to greet us. Those wonderful people who drink our teas came just to say Hi in person!

2. We got some gifts! Again, those wonderful people from the community, all creatives, came to give us a piece of their work! 

3. Many new people find out about our brand!

4. We met new, amazing people we can collaborate with in the future!

5. We came home with raised vibration. It was so much fun!

6. We sold almost everything we brought with us!

And yes, we had a beer after all 😀

So, with all that adventure, I do not find room for ego… or any other low vibe state. We shoot for the stars and that’s what we get. I feel gratitude for all we’ve created so far and can’t wait to see what new things will reveal for us in the future!

If you’re new to me, here’s the link to check the brand out 😉



    1. Thanks for sharing dear 🤍✨🤍


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