It’s a New Moon tonight so why wouldn’t I share what’s New in the Tea world..? 🙂

There’s a magical CBD blend that we just launched!

Juicy and enlightened. Yes, I call it all that because of all the ingredients we put in it, intentionally. You will find that our blends are not filled with many ingredients, but a powerful combination.

Lately, I’ve been drinking hemp tea during the morning mostly, cause I find it amazing for bringing awareness. Sometimes we think we’re awake, but actually, we’re far off 🙂 Once we open those ‘new’ eyes, we’ll know the difference and keep looking for the truly awake feeling. That’s what hemp tea does for me. Because we can’t unknown what we know, right?

Or I can put it this way;

Being awake is one thing, being present in the moment is completely different. Well, that presence is what I’m looking for.

There’s a story behind this blend. We named it LeBlunt (just to spice it up :)). There’re massive changes happening in our world today and one of them is, well, people get silenced, by choice. There are many different reasons why they do that, but the core of them all is FEAR. Hey! I do not judge, everyone’s on their own game level and chooses what they want for themselves. 

But this is a call for Freedom. This is a call to step up for your truth. For what you believe in. For what you want for yourself and the world around you. This is a call for all of us to create what we desire for ourselves no matter what the circumstances look like.

Do what feels Right for you, and be of integrity to yourself no matter what others tell you.

If we believe in chaos, chaos will come to us.

Be careful of not just what you wish for, but what you believe in. 

I’ve started my journey right after the bats flew out from Wuhan, haha… Every piece of advice at that moment was; ‘You’re crazy! This is not the time! It can’t succeed now!’ … and on and on with a scary vibe. Lucky me, I do not respond to the outside world, but a vision I have 😉 Therefore, two years later, it still works… from day 03 to the present day! Because I firmly believe that our reality is in our hands only. How we act (and not react) is what creates our unique path. 

LeBlunt. Stand for your truth. Say what you mean. Run for your desires. Dare to always move forward with an open mind.

If this is something that resonates with you, here’s the link to the whole series of hemp tea blends that will be your honest companions on your charming journey.




    1. Thanks for sharing ✨✨✨


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