There’s no fun in Ordinary.

From an early age, whenever someone would say to me something like ‘Can you be normal? Can you choose normal stuff? Can you dress normally?’ … I would answer ‘Define normal’. I just couldn’t find the definition of it myself 😀

Years after, I realized that Normal means – social norms. Okay, so we all have to look alike? Do what everyone’s doing, or be like everyone else? There’s no room for something called authenticity? Something that’s given to us by nature…?

Well, not my cup of tea.

This is why, today, when you go to my website (Black Rabbit Tea) you will find nothing you expected. Because we are not meant to be cloned. We’re meant to express ourselves the way we are. 

All those fashion designers are killing themselves with their wonderful talent just so we can all wear the same pair of shoes, dresses, or hats? Imagine the world where every piece of creation comes to the one who will wear it with joy! Imagine a world where you don’t have to follow trends but be who you are, wear what you like and say what you really mean. Imagine a world where there’s no judgment for what you believe in, what you want to do, or what you want to experience! Imagine that joy…

Just imagine, for a second that you’re free of all the ropes, all the norms, and be your true self. 

And I want to apply this story to your business. What do you want to do to make an income? Many are scared to even start, because ‘they don’t have enough of what it takes’. Another norm. Release it. Start with what you’ve got and build from there. Think about your vision. What do you want it to look like? I can remind you here that I’ve made to join tea with punk style, and it works! Not because I’m some master, but simply because it’s my true energy behind it. 

Your tea Your way. That’s the magic. That’s all you need.

I have friends that wanted me to go to a number of meetings just to put my teas in some stores and cafes, but to most of them, I said NO. Dealing with that kind of commercial stuff, at least here, is brain-damaging. For real. You have to go after managers for everything… to remind them to order, to tell them how to sell, to ask for your money, to make sure that they’re serving it right… and for each of these tasks you need to call at least three times before they realize that it all matters. So, no. I like the way we run our website, getting enough sales through the month, expanding as time passes. Pure win! So I realized, again, I’ll do it My Way, not what others are expecting. I do keep collaborations and love to work with people who are serious, respectful, and certainly, match our vision, that won’t change. I do care about those collaborations in the best possible way. 

Today, I see many brands (also tea ones) trying to copy what we do here, at Black Rabbit Tea, but I feel no fear because, like I always say, You can steal the idea but you can’t steal the magic!

Wish you all an amazing evening… morning… wherever you are in the world 🙂


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