I woke up this morning and everything was covered in snow! Ahh, such an astonishing feeling! It kept snowing, all day… just couldn’t hide my happiness 😀 I LOVE IT! Yes, people were pissed all around, cleaning their cars, removing the snow from the front porch… marching to the grocery store barely opening their eyes because every snowflake was kicking in…wet shoes, cold hands, red faces… I could only imagine how the whole picture was creepy in their minds…

But not for me. I completely see and appreciate the magic of snow. And I wish to stop every god damn human and make them see it, too… The smile would take over their faces, for sure.

Yes, it’s cold for me, too! (although not that much because I’m dressed for it). Yes, my cheeks get red, too! but I cover them with a scarf, not to freeze. Yes, my shoes are wet, but they are waterproof 🙂 And yes, I do that goofy walk, just like you, but I don’t mind. I see the beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, like they’re dancing. I hear the town noise is buffered, it gets more quiet. I don’t see the Sun, but all that whiteness makes me feel like it’s there.

There’re only two options; either I’m crazy or their mind is darkened. I wish I can make them see through the fog and show them the wonders of the snowy days.

Have you ever wondered why kids enjoy it so much? Have you ever wondered how they can spend the whole day outside, without dry clothes, without lunch…? They’re freezing but they don’t give up.
When I was little, I remember my feet were frozen so much that they were itching. But I never went home before the dark even because of that! None of my friends did. We were ENJOYING the deep snow all day!

And that’s where the magic happens. We need to stop caring about wet shoes, just like kids do. We need to stop worrying about the cold air, just like the kids do. We need to stop, look around, listen, feel and then just let ourselves dive in… Just like the kids… We need to release…

Snowing days are magic, only if you know how to enjoy them… like everything else.

And of course, nothing like a nice and warming cup of tea after 🙂



  1. We had our first snow recently too, and I LOVE snow. It’s always magical to see it fall, and I love how quiet it makes everything. Not only did we get our first snow, but I discovered a delicious rooibos chai tea in my local tea house. I don’t drink caffeine these days very much and discovering that rooibos is naturally decaffeinated thrilled me – especially finding the chai, which I love. One of my favorite tea memories years ago was sitting down for a cup of tea with cardamon seeds in the bottom of my cup. I think it was mint and cardamon. I was just outside Dubai, UAE, shopping for a rug, and the customer is invited in to sit and drink tea before looking at the rugs.

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    1. Exactly! 🙌🏿 That’s amazing, right?! ❄️❄️❄️

      And you don’t have to worry, there are many, MANY teas that are not caffeinated at all. Look for herbal blends and enjoy every sip 🫖✨🤍

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