13 days to New Year…

Well, I’ll tell you a secret 🙂 I don’t believe in New Year. The calendars were invented by people and have been changed many times over time that we can not possibly be sure what ‘date’ really is. But what I do accept as New Year is the date of birth. Because our birthdays are the only year track we can take, right? 

The New Year’s resolutions… I wrote about this somewhere around this time last year 🙂 … they hardly happen. We write them in December, remember them in January and by February they’re forgotten, we never follow through. Do you know why? Because we make them from the place of ‘I should do that’ instead of ‘I want to change this…’ That little shift in perspective makes a lot of difference. We always do what we WANT. I never make specifically New Year’s resolutions, but I do make them as I go, the whole year.

But, last year, I did make one in December, ‘Do more of what makes you feel joy’ and to be honest, I did stick with it! 😀

The thing with changing things in general, habits, perspectives… any shift we want to make, is to constantly remind ourselves about it until we lock it in. Everything in our body will fight at first, but as we stick to our goal, we will make a change. Do not be afraid to support yourself in this, like leaving a sticky note where you will see it every day, or putting it on your phone screen, or setting the alarm… anything that will remind you of your goal, shift, or new thing that you wish for yourself. 

For the past 3 years, I read a lot of books online. That’s good, but that’s not what I wanted. Reading a physical book has a lot more benefits to the brain, and for me, it does feel different. So the moment I realized I want to read more physical books, I put one on my coffee table. No way I won’t see it there a 100 times a day. Within a month my bookshelf start getting new pieces and I was feeling so different. First, I stick with what I set to do which brings the rewarding feeling itself, and then the actual doing, reading and learning moved some stuff for me. It’s a win-win 🙂 I like to buy books. I never borrow them, because I love to have them, not just read them… that’s just a side fetish thing, haha. But the point is, I’m actually walking out the thing that I set for myself. And I don’t have to, but I want to. That’s a big difference. 

So, we have less than two weeks until the New Year (I don’t believe in) comes 😀 And what I do like about this time is gifting! Choosing, packing, and then delivering gifts is the whole magic process that results in bringing a smile to someone’s face. The joy for me is in the whole process and the end result. No magic can compare to that!

And if you’re still struggling with what to pack under the tree, at Black Rabbit Tea we have some Holiday sets that everyone will enjoy. We already sent a bunch of them and most of the people promise that they won’t open it before the big night… but some of them just couldn’t wait. Still, it didn’t kill the experience 🙂 

Here’s the link to it;

Home | Black Rabbit Tea



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