Hell Yeah!

Let’s wrap up this year with something MAGICAL! Shall we?!

Here, I choose to share one of the blogs that you’ve liked very much and certainly will benefit you in the future days.

This (last) year, I remember I wanted to manifest more energies. I wanted to awaken some of them within and around me. There’s always much more than we’re aware of. Well, it came to me in a form of crystals. Believe it or not, they just started popping on my door. Even I was surprised by this work of the Universe 😀 I purchased maybe one and all the others came ‘by themselves’. What’s also funny is that some of them came from people who had no idea I have a sudden interest in stones. So, pure manifestation was happening. 

Now, I’m mentioning these stones as a base for many other things, meaning many doors had opened. They were my little helpers during this year. The energies they awaken spread all around and magic was just pouring in from all directions, around my business and personal life.

I wanna mention the collection I’ve got so far but please, please, do not use this as a lead. Try finding stones that would work for you by giving your best guess of what you need at the moment. They say that you don’t find crystals, but they find you 🙂 This means that the best way to purchase one if you’d like is to go to a crystal shop that you can trust, or open market (they’re the best!), and let the piece choose you. Trust me, you will know it, and whatever it is – don’t judge it.

I judged the Amethyst that came to me … thinking that it was too light for my energy, that I’m far beyond it, that I need something stronger … Oh, what a mistake! Although I was partially right, I was also wrong for dismissing it just like that. They all come bringing gifts, don’t underestimate it 😀

I don’t really feel good openly sharing what each of these taught me, and where it got me, but trust me you will get what you need for your personal matter.

Here’s the list of crystals, and some of them are tektites (which I LOVE the most, but please don’t play with these ones! They are really strong!). If you haven’t worked with stones before, make sure to start with something gentle and build up from there. 


Black tektite



Quartz geode



I choose this post for the end of 2021 because, as I mentioned above, you had lots of reactions to it through messaging, and because I would LOVE that 2022 brings YOU as many manifestations as you wish for! 

Happy New Year and thank You for spending another year with my blog! 

If you’d like we can connect through Instagram 

@thecupofdiary or @black_rabbittea 

or head on to the website

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Stay Safe, Happy and Lovely! 🙂



  1. vaniheart says:

    Happy New year✨✨

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    1. Thank you! 🤍

      Wish you an exciting 2022 !!! ☺️✨🙌🏿

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