If you’re not a Millenial child, you probably grew up outside 😀

Yup, winter, summer, wind, rain, snow… you name the weather, we were outside, playing, exploring… Therefore I was inspired to write this. Today I remembered how we ran through the nettle field just out of fun, and probably to show off in front of our friends 😀 (whoever stupid idea that was, haha). So, there wasn’t any real point to that so-called game, but just to run as fast as you can through the nettle field.

Our legs were burning! But, what the hell, we laughed… and that mattered. 

We all know how nettle can burn us, and now if I tell you to drink nettle tea, you will probably be like Fu*k NO! Haha… But let’s give some overview because this herb, as crazy as it sounds, is one of the most amazing ones! The health benefits are so high.

Although it has stings, do not worry, once it’s dried, the stings are gone and it’s totally safe to drink and even eat. I like to substitute spinach sometimes with nettle, they have almost the same taste and the preparation is similar. So if you’d like to switch it up sometimes, it’s a good choice.

Nettle keeps the liver free of toxins. It has antioxidant properties, as well as anti-inflammatory, which means that it’s also good for treating flu. If you have any respiratory condition, nettle tea is certainly your friend. Feel free to drink a few cups a day. It’s a pure herbal tea, with no caffeine at all.

I love that I have my secret field where we gather it! You can do this on your own, if it grows anywhere near you, just make sure that the place is far away from any roads and other stuff that can cause the impurity of the plant. You really don’t want to ingest anything that’s not safe! 

We have it in our Moonly blend. Packed with other strong ingredients like marshmallow root and moringa leaf this blend makes an immunity bomb! Seriously, we have some customers who can not stay out of it. The house doesn’t feel safe anymore without our Moonly tea 😀 Which is awesome for us, and awesome for you! It’s absolutely valuable! 

One more thing that I didn’t know before, is that it helps with water retention. It happens when the body keeps too much fluid, mostly stored in cells and tissues, instead of letting it out. So, next time you feel that puffiness in your body, just brew some nettle tea and enjoy. Although we should make a habit to drink it often as prevention. 

Other nutrients that can be found in nettle are vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, K, A and B, and iron, calcium, magnesium, and all of the essential amino acids. 

Now, to the fun stuff:)

Nettle was popular in the textile industry. It can be bleached and also dyed like every other natural material, like cotton or linen, for example. Very easy to work with and provides a strong cord. Although it’s a stinging herb, once it’s processed it loses the stings and turns to a silky feel fiber. Amazing, right?! 

Roman troops rubbed themselves with nettle to keep their bodies warm and alert during the night. Makes sense…

And, you probably know this, but it doesn’t hurt to mention 🙂 Making hair treatment with nettle can promote hair growth! If this is your goal, make sure to look up shampoos, oils and masks that have wonderful nettle extracts. 

To wrap it up, drink Moonly tea! 



  1. The tea sounds wonderful. The quickest way to stop the sting is to roll and squeeze some leaves between your fingers to get the “juice” from it. The liquid will quell the sting, but be sure to wear rubber gloves.

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    1. Yes! It’s antidote itself 🌱 Have you tried tea ? It has a bit of earthy taste ✨

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      1. No I haven’t. But I was treated to a bowl of nettle soup once. They tasted very green, like fresh green beans.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😁 yummy ! Feel free to explore our website for some tea blends if you’d like ✨🫖🖤

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