…because we have to practice that ‘muscle‘, always. It’s simple to shine, but it’s not always easy. 

For a second, I thought that’s it, I’m getting bored, I have no more ideas, I killed it … and all those (Mercury kick, lol) thoughts. But Hell No! That wasn’t it. I just got tired for a moment, tired of ass-kicking during the creation of this one.

Let’s do this!

I am so excited to share this with you! 😀

We were working on this blend for months because we were looking for the Hell Yeah! moment, and we found it! WooHoo! Celebrating it so much!

If I would tell you how many obstacles we had along the way, you wouldn’t believe it. My Shine muscle was almost dead, haha. Many would give up, for sure, at least seven times. But still, not the Black Rabbit crew! This is what we wanted and we held to that vision until it happened! Success. Pure magic in the cuppa. 

Here it comes …

SHINELOCK. Black, Chocolate, Sparkly tea… yes, it shines, and it’s chocolate, and it’s black !!!

The first part of the idea was to find the blend that will work on several things: energy level, mood & overall health (especially the immune system). The second part was to find the perfect taste that everyone will enjoy, strong & can’t get enough of it feeling like. Made it through! And the third part was to add extra excitement… Hell Yeah! Sparkles won! What’s more exciting than watching your tea shining right beside you?! Okay, there are more exciting things, but you get me here 😉 The intention is to remind you that every day the Sun shines, all around. Every day, everywhere there’re sparkles to lighten your day.


Naming this one was no brainer … What do we want? To LOCK that SHINE … SHINELOCK! 

In the end, the crazy adventures are just starting with this blend. The story above was before we launched it, but now the magic has changed its course… or I should say got even crazier, lol. The experience people get with this one is beyond what I’ve expected, or even imagined! So I realized, it was all worth it, all the blocks that came along the road were just preparing me for this moment forward. Wonderful !!! I (honestly) have no words! 

But before I leave you to look at it yourself, although no camera has made to catch the real charm of sparkles so far, I must warn you that these twinkles create a magic spiral in the air the moment you open the box and let them out. Yes! So true! Feels like you just stepped into some magical world, which you actually are. It will take you wherever you wish to go. Release the resistance… 

No… I’m trying… but the words can not describe it. 

Take a look

Shinelock Tea



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