We do so many different stuff daily.
That’s good.
That’s life.

If we take a moment to scan our life… How present we are day to day?
93% of people will say Oh, of course I’m present!
If we take a moment to scan our body… How tuned in are we day to day?
93% of people will say Oh, of course I know what my body needs!

If we really take a moment, if we really, but really scan ourselves… the most honest answer will be different. And that’s ok. That’s something that nobody else has to know, but it’s important to admit it to ourselves. From that moment, there’s no turning back. We see it, now we know it, and we can’t unknow what we know.

I am still amazed by the fact that such a simple beverage as tea can be so powerful. I’m even amazed by what water does for us! The simplicity of nature can’t be more perfect. It’s where we need to look for every solution. Just look around and see how nature does it best.

The same goes for our breathing.

Breathing is a natural impulse. We all do it. We were all born with it. We know how to do it. Nobody taught us this… and that’s wrong. We should start learning breathing techniques in school! Such an important skill that some of us learn later in life, and some never learn at all.

I started to practice yoga years ago, out of pure curiosity, and that was one of the best things I have done in my life so far! Many people dismiss these practices like yoga or others that require slow breathing, slow movements because they feel it’s boring. It’s so different when we do fitness training where we breathe faster and when we focus on our breath and slowly get in and out of the pose. Both build strength in our body, but not in the mind. I wish for everyone in the world to try it with an open mind and allow it to flow through you… any of the ‘slow techniques’ that are out there, and then you can say This is boring for me … but you never will 🙂 The effect that it has on us (body & mind) is priceless. And I doubt that there are people who won’t feel it unless they really do not let it.

The awareness that suddenly starts to happen, the presence in every moment, it all gets a completely new dimension. From that point, we start to see how we usually react instead of act in situations. We become more thoughtful. We become steady, grounded, clarity comes in… and we welcome joy & vitality into our life.

The stress we used to know no longer exists. I don’t have time, or I don’t know what to do are excuses we no longer use. Mistakes turn into valuable lessons we are grateful for. Joy becomes our best friend, and we look for it in everything we do. And it’s there, right there, wherever we are. That’s magic.

All that is said above applies to drinking tea, as well.

Because tea teaches us to slow the body & the mind down, so we could see, so we could feel, and so we could think before we act. No reaction, but thoughtful action. Herbs do their part inside the body, no worry about that, but here’s a trick; When we drink tea mindfully, even when we eat mindfully, meaning we’re present in what we do at the moment, the benefits increase. This way we energetically support the whole process that’s happening. There’s also the science behind this, the chemistry that happens in our brain while we do this.

So remember to be mindful about everything you do & desired results will be much better!

The new SHINELOCK  tea that warms so many hearts already helps us to find that connection with our true nature. It wakes the joy lying deep within us and gives so much energy that we can spread around.

Enjoy the weekend.



  1. Corrie.S.P. says:

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Thank you Corrie 🤍
      Always with a wonderful vibe 💫🙌🏿

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