Neverending world of magic.

While we seek new things we move our comfort zone, we open up for more, we expand. Seeking is living. Stepping into the unknown is safe, even if it doesn’t feel that way when we think of it at first.
Here’s the logical question; How could we know if something’s good or bad if we don’t know what’s on the other side?

Never lose the Holy Curiosity!

Creating new cookies was a long experience. If you ask me Why, the most honest answer would be I have no idea!
I kinda knew what I want, but still had just glimpses of the idea. So I had to move inch, by inch and discover the whole story as I go. This is a stressful process for me, lol. I like to get an idea and move to a fast realization. But with these lovelies I had to move step by step, discovering each next one as I go.

They say that if you see the whole path in front of you, it’s not your path. The one that is yours is showing up one step at a time…
Who knows… Maybe it really was the Universe playing games with me, lol. Sometimes that can be annoying, but it always works wonders in the end!

Since the game is now over, I can present it to you!

There are new lovely White Chocolate Cookies at the Black Rabbit Tea universe!
And Hell Yeah! we are so happy with these as we were with the previous ones (soon to be in stock again).
Amazing woman & artist @ivanaortainwonderland was with us again. We united our magic sticks and have created a new, this time chocolate experience for you (and all of us) to enjoy. The tea never felt better! (almost, lol, tea always feels good)

It’s hard for me to just put this experience into words…you have to feel it on your own…

If you’re curious enough, head on to the website and take a look;

White Chocolate Cookies


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